The Great British Bake Off: Week 5

Paul and Prue added another chilli to the already hot competition with a set of new Bake Off challenges, in a competition that’s already been full of great bakes, handshakes and plenty of mistakes!

(You can read my thoughts on the previous weeks: one, two, three and four)

This week the bakers faced Spice Week, a never done before week on Bake Off (so I guess you could say they never saw it cumin, am I right?) but just as stressful as the previous weeks (for me, at least!)


The bakers

Of course, Rahul was as precious as ever and proved he’s worth another handshake. I was also impressed with Manon and Kim-Joy, who never fails to put a smile on my face with her cute creations.

The challenges

Spice Week began with the Signature Challenge, in which the bakers were asked to make a Ginger cake.

This challenge provided a variety of results, including lemon and ginger drip cake and a ginger cake featuring a tiny house.

Some bakers messed up but others proved they could handle the heat, with Paul dishing out more handshakes.

Next came the Technical Challenge, Mamool (spiced pastry). This challenge proved pretty difficult, considering nobody really knew what they were doing (or, like me, what it was!).

The challenge produced varied results, even if they all looked like Play Doh and far from birth giving creatures (my friends and I legit thought they were cooking up some warm-blooded creatures for the technical, which I can imagine would be pretty…technical.)

Finally came the Showstopper Challenge: a Biscuit Chandelier, able to be hung as a centrepiece (Prue had a jewellery consultation so she couldn’t attend).

There were all kinds of creative chandelier ideas in the tent, from 21st birthday themed ones (which I sort of want for my own birthday, parents/friends if you’re reading this), festive themed ones to Art Deco. A few biscuits broke under the pressure…and so did the bakers.

Many of the Showstoppers looked fantastic, they just made me want to reach out and grab a biscuit- if only I could through the TV!

The result

When it came to the reveal this week, it was Kim-Joy who got Star Baker and- to be fair- it’s about time!

Considering last week, two of the bakers would be leaving the tent and- ironically- one of them was Terry, who was the reason for no elimination last week! Also, this week saw the end of Karen’s Bake Off journey.

Unfortunately, though they both showed skill and good flavours, neither baker proved themselves against the tough competition.

Turns out Spice Week WASN’T too hot to handle so the 7 remaining bakers will be back next week and, as always, so will I to discuss all the action of Pastry Week.

Despite third year well and truly starting this week, I took time out from the reading I was supposed to be doing to bake so you can expect a recipe post on Sunday. Also, let me know if you want me to post my “Thoughts on Third Year” on Friday, as I haven’t actually talked about student life (or books) like I promised!

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