The Great British Bake Off Week 10

It’s the FINAL (ok, deep breaths, guys!) of the Great British Bake Off. Can you believe after 10 weeks of tiers, tears and tension in every Brits favourite tent the competition is over? (I definitely can’t!).

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Twelve entered the tent but only Kim-Joy, Rahul and Ruby had what it takes to impress Paul and Prue and make it to the final. Plus, the baker’s families and friends were in attendance, and some very familiar faces, too! Long story short, the final of this year’s The Great British Bake Off was exciting, very exciting indeed!


The bakers

As we’ve seen over the past nine weeks, Kim-Joy, Rahul and Ruby have demonstrated skills, fantastic flavours and- most importantly- that they’re all worthy to compete in the final!

The challenges

The final began with the Signature Challenge, which saw the bakers make 12 doughnuts: six ring, six filled. The final three produced various flavoured doughnuts and, I’ll admit, they all looked delicious. Kim-Joy’s had great flavour, but they weren’t uniform. Ruby’s were too sweet and underfilled. Rahul, who has never eaten a doughnut, produced good, but tight, doughnuts.

Going into the Technical, the competition was pretty tight, too. For this challenge, the bakers were out of their comfort zones…and out of the famous tent! Whilst outside, they braved the elements (and an open fire) to craft 6 Pitta breads with three dips. Honestly, I’m amazed there wasn’t any catastrophes given the whole open fire thing but, honestly, the three bakers actually survived the challenge and produced acceptable bakes.

After I wiped the last tear from my eye, I was able to see that the Showstopper (the final one for this series) was to create a landscape dessert with 3 elements. Unusual challenge, right? The bakers produced an equally unusual set of landscapes: a magical one, a trip to Atlantis and a beautiful garden. Now, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t actually that impressed. There was a slip up very early on, so that affected performance, but I honestly don’t feel as though the Showstoppers were as impressive as previous years (maybe I’m just bitter because the competition’s over?). Even considering that though, I admire the final three for the work they did and their results.

The result

Despite the fact I had Ruby in the sweep with my friends, and the fact that I very passionately argued for Kim-Joy to win (so ‘Person I argued with over this’, I am eating my words, you win this one!), I think we all (even me) knew what the final result would be.

After all, Rahul has been front runner from the start. Even when Dan looked like he could win it, and other people (like Kim-Joy, Ruby, Manon and Briony) looked like they were onto a winner, I think Paul and Prue knew there could only be one winner. Though it’s not exactly the result I wanted (because everyone wants bragging rights), I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rahul and I hope he can finally crack a smile now he’s out of the tent and the pressure’s no longer on!

Well, everyone, that’s it! The Great British Bake Off, over for another year. I, like the bakers, will hang up my apron…for now. Of course, you can still expect plenty of posts from me on all things books, baking and being a student. Plus, if you can wait that long, I’ll (more than likely) be posting my thoughts on The Great British Bake Off 2019 before we know it!

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