Dissertation Diaries

Dissertation Diaries: January 2019

Hello! I can only apologize for my lack of posts over the past few weeks. As suspected, uni work got the best of me. I’m two weeks in the second semester of my final (yes, final) year of uni and…honestly? I’m completely over it and determined to do my best and absolutely smash my final months of reading, writing and hard work..if it’s possible to be both at the same time.

So, after what felt like an 800 day January for me (anyone else?), a new month finally looms. A new month of reading, working, new possibilities and, perhaps the most horrendous part,  I find myself a month closer to the dreaded deadline for the even more dreaded 8000 word dissertation.

In terms of my Dissertation Diaries, I’m not planning weekly updates. I think, rather than spend time writing down what I have (or haven’t) done, I’d like to get on with actually doing the work and- like this post now- I’ll update you guys how much progress I’ve made taking the whole month into account.

January. How does a month feel like it goes on for hundreds of years and be over in a breath at the same time? I wished when I created this draft in December I could be writing something much more different…but I’m not.

As far as my dissertation goes in January…it hasn’t really gone anywhere. If I had to make an excuse for it, I suppose I was enjoying myself too much. I was enjoying the feeling of getting to know someone, dating and then- in a complete change to billed programmes- I was single, moping and back where I started…trawling through Tinder and completely unmotivated.

The glitch in my love life isn’t all to blame for my lack of motivation though, I suppose I was enjoying the long time I had off before (I knew) the hard work started again.

I’m not going to be disheartened, though, because February is a new month (plus I suppose I’ll thank myself later I went into the months leading up to my dissertation submission without a distraction). I’ve already got my head down and, at least for the moment, I feel good about where I’m going with my dissertation.

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