Dissertation Diaries

Dissertation Diaries: March 2019

Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates on my part (not just blogging wise, I’ve been so inactive on Twitter and Instagram too!) but I’ve been so busy dissertation-wise.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following the process, January was a write off month- I was going through a breakup and a rough patch, so I didn’t get much done at all. Fast forward to February and, luckily, I got my head out of the clouds and into my work.

Now, as for March. It hit me in late February that March was not only the last month I had to write an obscene amount of words but March meant I was handing my dissertation in in a month. So, I won’t lie, I was panicked.

That being said, I managed it! 8000 words of (hopefully) top quality were produced. Gone was the ramble about three novels, in its place more sophisticated rambling about two novels it’s safe to say I probably won’t read ever again!

I felt strange during this month though. I did a bit with friends but spending days cooped up over my laptop not only did my back in, it made me feel so incredibly disconnected from everything. I missed the lazy days over a box set, the drunken nights with friends, it made me wonder if I was actually somebody besides a stressed student who reads and writes essays pretty much 24/7.

Honestly, aside from referencing properly, if I’ve learnt anything from this process it’s that not every day is going to go well. Some days you’ll find all the secondary reading you wanted and other days you’ll be a blurry eyed mess at your computer screen, unable to make sense of what you’ve written. Now I’ve handed it in, the nervous wait for feedback begins. Of course I’ve got plenty of other things to do, so I’ll have forgotten about it by then…including getting this blog back to its best!

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