Life after Uni: An Update

It only seems right that today, when the sun is out in full force and everything looks fresh and new, I come out of blogging-based hiding (which is definitely a thing) with this post.

This post has been in my drafts for a while, mainly because it was unwritten and, secondly, because writing what you’re about to read hasn’t actually sunk in.

In about two weeks (though my time keeping and maths are awful, so it could be less), I’ll officially have a degree in English. Now that sounds like nothing in the grand scheme of things but, considering there was a point where my parents were told (because my twin sister and I were born premature, and I had hydrocephalus, a condition which means that there’s a huge buildup of fluid on my brain) I wouldn’t be able to walk and talk etc, this is actually a major thing.

At first, I didn’t feel the sense of relief I thought I would or the sense of joy, either. The inevitable “what on Earth do I do next?” question hung over my head and I just felt unmotivated and bored.

Fast forward to now and it’s not as bad. Luckily, I secured a casual job working alongside a lovely group of staff at an event in Liverpool I otherwise would’ve missed (Gaia at Liverpool Cathedral, for those of you wondering) which was my first EVER job interview. Then, during that time, I managed to get an internship at uni which is me to a T (gathering quotes, collecting recipes and blogging about all things food and literature).

Of course, that big, scary question still hangs over me a little now and then. In amongst the panic, though, I realised I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a clue about post uni life but I’ll figure it out soon. For now, I’m just going to enjoy the summer, get back to blogging, reading and baking and enjoy whatever post grad life has in store for me.

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