The Great British Bake Off, Season 10 Episode 3: My Thoughts

Last week, the remaining twelve bakers battled over biscuits. Alice was Star Baker and Jamie, my fellow baking twin who kept me laughing and – up until this point – my hopes of winning the sweep rested on him (what a shame!), was the second baker to leave the tent.

Aside from job searching, babysitting and getting my life together (to an extent), I sat down and watched the bakers take on Paul’s area of expertise: bread.

Some bakers proved themselves, whilst others kneaded work (see what I did there?). Here’s my breakdown of this week’s action:

The bakers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Michael. I think I struggled at first with him because, considering he’d nearly cut all of fingers off in the first five minutes of the challenge, I wasn’t sure if he’d last much longer. However, he’s proving to be not only one of the loveliest people to enter the tent but also one to watch.

I also think Rosie and Helena are worthy competitors, I like how they put such interesting spins on the bakes. Given his performance this week, too, I think Phil could do well.

The challenges

The bakers began with the Signature Challenge, where they were asked to make a tear and share. Most bakers opted for heat, spice or cheese. On the other end of the spectrum, other bakers decided on sweeter bakes showcasing cinnamon (which reminded me I really should have visited Cinnabon when I was in Disney), honey and nuts.

Rosie triumphed with her fantastic tear and share, Michael was the first baker to get a Hollywood Handshake (which made me squeal a little bit) whilst Amelia was criticised for her irregular offering.

The Technical Challenge was less technical than usual (something I wasn’t shy about addressing on my Twitter) as the burgers were asked to make eight white burgers buns (they called them “baps”, but I’d be betraying my northern roots if I did) and veggie burgers. I won’t lie, I thought this was a pretty pointless challenge. Paul basically admitted the bakers were only getting judged for their buns yet they had to create something else, too. It’s not called Great British Burger Off, is it?

Anywayyy, Amelia didn’t prove herself in this challenge whereas Henry (Fellow English student, so it’s only realistic he’d be one of my favourites) managed to scoop top spot.

For the Showstopper, the bakers were asked to make a display of artistically scored decorative loaves. There were more animals in the tent, but also masks, campfires and whatever else the bakers could materialise. Michael was commended, as well as Steph and Henry (to an extent). Whereas, Amelia and David weren’t given glowing reviews.

The result

Though I thought Henry, Rosie or Phil could’ve swept up Star Baker this week as they all impressed (me, at least), Star Baker deservingly went to Michael!

On the other hand, Paul and Prue’s teasing about a double eviction was just that: teasing. Despite David’s performance, and that of a few others in the firing line, it was Amelia who left the tent in an orderly fashion (I tried to make a fashion joke, I apologise).

As I said before, people are showing themselves to be contenders now. I can’t put my finger on who’s going to win just yet, though I’d love Michael too as I think he’d translate really well to TV work afterwards and he’d be fun at events.

Next week, the bakers face Dairy Week. It’s a Great British Bake Off first so I have no idea what to expect, just maybe that there will be tears over spilt milk.

Stay tuned for my thoughts next week.

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