Everything I Know About Love (by Dolly Alderton) Review

Happy October! For the first time, I’ve decided to do Blogtober. So, that means 31 different blog posts every day in October. How exciting? Being a graduate, I’m spending my time applying for jobs, getting back into writing and trying to keep myself busy.

One way I’m keeping myself busy is by reading. After three years of reading and writing about books, the thought of reading didn’t give me the sense of joy it used to and, for a while, I was in a reading rut.

Thankfully, I eventually got out of it and the book I’m going to talk about (“Everything I Know About Love”) is the reason why.


In her memoir, Dolly Alderton talks about growing up, growing older and navigating friendships, jobs, loss and love.


This memoir documents the life of Dolly Alderton, a journalist and writer. From childhood, to teen into adulthood, the reader is taken on a journey that is equally humorous and heartbreaking.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really read non-fiction. I’ve always preferred fiction, something about getting lost in characters and settings captivated me more than the idea of being bogged down by someone’s real life. Yet, this book wasn’t just the book that got me out of my reading rut, it was the book that changed my mind: non-fiction is just as valuable (and enjoyable) as fiction.

Dolly’s voice was incredible. She was hilarious and so real, not afraid to go into detail about anything and everything. I felt like she was a family member, guiding me through the do’s-and-don’ts of the dating world. As someone who knows absolutely nothing about dating and relationships, it was nice to get some insight!

I also loved how she described her relationships. I was so taken in by them that, by the end of the book, I felt as if I had earned a place in her tight knit group of friends.

It was nice to see how her perspective changes over the years, through the lists she included. It made me realise that I’m not stuck in my feelings, they can and will change overtime. She also makes you realise that mistakes are part of love and life but you can and will get through them, something I feel I needed to hear as I navigate post-grad life.

I think this book has really stuck with me. As I was reading, and when I finally finished reading, my mind was abuzz with questions about myself and my life. A big thing for me is feeling like I’m lagging behind in aspects of my life, but Dolly made me realise that- honestly- there’s nowhere you need to be in your life and rather than feel bad about life being too slow I should just focus on all the things I have accomplished and where I’m up to now.

The book was incredibly positive, and it made me change my perspective on life, love and everything in between. I also really liked the inclusion of recipes, as I do a lot of baking, and I wished there could’ve been just a few more!

I’ve been wanting to post this review for a while but, honestly, it’s scary how many boss book bloggers are out there I really didn’t think I should try and get involved! That being said, October is spooky month so – with that in mind – I’m going to post some different things on my blog this month…even if I’m scared to do it.

These last few months have been incredibly challenging, getting my degree in writing finally and then trying to adjust to what comes next. It’s not been great so far but I’ll get into the swing of things eventually, I’m sure. I’m just glad I have blogging to get stuck into, so I don’t go too crazy!

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