Ready or Not (2019) Review [Dir. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett]

As the nights get darker, and everything feels just a tad bit spookier, it couldn’t be a better time to watch a scary movie. Though I’m not the biggest fan of gore, despite my time spent watching The Walking Dead, I have to admit I do love a horror film. Ready or Not didn’t disappoint.

The film centres around Grace (Samara Weaving) who should be celebrating getting married to Alex (Mark O’Brien). Instead, she soon becomes involved in a very different marital ritual than she probably imagined. A game of hide and seek….with a twist.

I loved the characters. I don’t usually rate characters in these kinds of films, as they are usually dull and incredibly stupid. Weaving was incredible, playing equal parts terrified and bad-ass. Everyone else played fucked up, and they played that really well. The stunning backdrop of the huge family home, littered with old games, taxidermy and weapons added to the eerie nature of the film.

Another thing I really liked was the humour. I don’t blog about films but anyone who knows me outside of the blogging world will know that I really don’t rate films that are too serious (though, obviously, I can make exceptions). I liked that this film was serious at times, as the family still had skeletons (figurative and literal) in the closet, but it was also funny…in times when it needed to be and also in times when it really shouldn’t have been.

I think the only bad thing I can say about the film, considering my earlier point, is that it was a little bit too gory for me at times. Of course, thanks to me liking zombie films, I eventually got over the blood and bits. It meant I could enjoy the film in all its gory glory and, honestly, I think you should too!

Ready or Not is in cinemas now

(Image in header © Fox Searchlight)

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