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In honour of me doing things a little differently on my blog, because I really didn’t plan on doing Blogtober (so I also really, really didn’t plan my posts), I thought I’d post about something I haven’t mentioned on my blog: music.

I think, as of next year when I actually have concerts to go to (my last – for the year, I’m guessing – was Marika Hackman this month), I’ll start posting reviews. I’ve overplayed how much I love books, baking and my experience of being a student (I’ve graduated now, so I’m less of a student more of a “real adult” [apparently]) on this blog that I haven’t managed to show my other love: music.

So, I thought I’d share what I’ve been listening to this year (WARNING: I have the music taste of a chain-smoking guy in a leather jacket that’ll probably break your heart).

I’ll start with Tame Impala. I have had a few of their songs on my playlists over the years, because they’re so unbelievably chilled out. They’ve been pretty quiet since their last album Currents, but they’ve kept fans on their wavelength by releasing a new single Borderline this year. It has the same chilled, psychedelic vibes of their other stuff and has been a life saver when I’ve need cheering up or just wanted to get lost in something other than the excruciating reality of post-uni job searching.

Now Blossoms. I absolutely lived off their 2018 album Cool Like You. Luckily, they’ve dropped two singles Torn Up and Girlfriend to keep us (me) going before they drop an album next year. Despite the subject matter (fancying your mates girlfriend) being far from anything I’ve ever experienced, I can’t help but sing along to Your Girlfriend when I’m in a good mood and Torn Up when I’m the opposite.

Miles Kane is a favourite of mine since I saw him shimmy onto the stage in Warrington last year and I was made up to see the Scouse singer had dropped an absolute tune, Blame It On The Summertime, earlier this year. It’s just a shame I’m now singing it in the rain…curse you, “English summer”!

Not only does Sam Fender boast a fine set of cheekbones (see debut album cover for reference), he also showed us all what we were missing with his album Hypersonic Missiles. It’s unapologetically engaged with real life, politics and love. Sometimes I find myself belting out Call Me Lover even though I don’t have a lover…which is pretty tragic if you ask me.

My sister once described my current music taste as “indie girl songs” and Marika Hackman certainly fits the bill. She released her latest album, Any Human Friend, this year and – even before I saw her live – I knew I was onto something. It’s at once a post-breakup album and an album full of songs celebrating love, whether it be between two people or self love.

Will Joseph Cook was one of my favourite concerts of 2017 and, when he treated us to a taste of what’s to come with Hey Brother, I knew I had to see him live again this year. He performed his latest single Dragon and, since I heard it live, I’ve not been able to get it out of my head (or off my playlist!).

Dua Lipa completes the roundup of what I’ve been listening to recently. I added her songs to my playlist in an attempt to “stop listening to purely indie music” and, honestly, I’m glad I did. Her voice is flawless and, I don’t care if it’s old news now, New Rules is a tune and has me feeling like I’m strong and powerful and sassy (when really, I can’t mime it or sing it for my life and don’t get me started on how I dance to it!).

So, what have you been listening to? Any recommendations?

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28 thoughts on “What I’ve been listening to

  1. Omg I chuckled when you described your musical tastes lol! I’ve actually never heard of most of these artists, outside of Dua Lipa.

    I know I sound “basic” by saying this, but Ariana Grande’s latest albums have been a recent mood for me. Also, Kehlani is another huge favorite 💜

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