Things I’m excited to do now I’ve finished education

If I had a pound for every time I wrote on my blog that I’ve graduated, I would probably (and I say probably very lightly) be able to pay off my student loans. Just in case you didn’t know, anyway, I’ve finished education. As I’ve said before on my blog, honestly, I’m feeling a mixture of emotions about it. At once relieved, proud, sad and lost. I’m on the job search at the moment though, despite one interview, I’ve had no luck (so far). Of course, I have a few things planned to fill my time (plus I’ll include things I’m going to do once I have money!!):

Blog more

I’m already well in to Blogtober, something I haven’t attempted until this year, but – even after October 31st – I want to blog more. My blog is over a year old and, really, I’m loving blogging now. I’m loving connecting with people, writing posts and all the fiddly bits of blogging, too!

I’m thinking the rest of this year (and beyond) that I’m going to post more of what I’ve shown on my blog recently. More film and book reviews, more thought pieces and just more of ‘me’.

Spend time with friends

I spend a fair bit of my time with my family, considering we mind my nephew three times a week and we like to go out sometimes, too. Since we all went to uni and, after that, a few of us had jobs and other commitments, time with my friends has been much less frequent than I thought. I’m hoping, now that most of us are out of education, I’ll be able to spend time with friends.

Learn more about myself

I feel like, since I’ve been in education, I’ve spent a lot of time of my own. Everything up to now, and even after I’ve left education, is down to me. So, to get to where I want to be, I’m going to learn more about myself. I’m going to figure out what I want, what I like to do and how I can improve things I’m not happy with.

Cook/bake more

I’m a keen baker, a lot of you will know. This year though, aside from a few Sunday treats and obligatory birthday cakes, I haven’t done much baking at all. So, with my free time I’m going to figure out what I want to make and, well, make it. I’m also going to cook more, too, considering I’ve been dying to make satay sauce and something a little bit more adventurous than my go-to stir fry. I want to cook and bake more, not only to improve my skills but to add to the list of recipes I can enjoy (and share, if I have to!).

Get started on my book

I’ve already signed up for NanoWrimo, because I want to prove to myself that I can get started on my book. I think finishing education, and the reality of job searching, has made me realise just how much I want to write now. So, with that in mind, I’m going to crack on with planning my WIP for Nano as well as complete a little series of books I hope will be ready in time to be a Christmas gift for my nephew (I’ll talk more about my writing projects on another post).

Get a job

As much as I’m really nervous about starting a job, and the stream of rejections really don’t help with those nerves, I’m looking forward to the day I get a job. I’ve had a few jobs in the past but I can’t wait to get myself into something new and exciting (and get some money).

More concerts

I’ve been to my fair share of concerts, both before and after I was in education, and I just want to go to more concerts. I love listening to music and I just really enjoy switching my brain off and getting lost in music. (So, if any bands/artists I like want to drop an album and a tour close to me, that’d be fab!)

Learn how to do makeup (properly)

I’m not talking full MUA but, honestly, I think the fact that I’ve got time on my hands means now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do makeup (properly). I’m not as bad as my blue eyeliner days, but I know I can put more effort in and end up looking (ever so slightly) better as a result!

More travelling

I was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World in Florida for a third time (I’ll do a rundown of my trip either during Blogtober or after, just let me know whether you want it yet or not!) over the summer and Portugal practically as soon as I returned from that holiday. It made me realise that, once I get a job sorted and get some money behind me, I want to do more travelling.

I’d go back here in a heartbeat 💓

Be proud of how far I’ve come

[Disclaimer: I am proud]

I think, in the scary, unknown post-uni world, it’s been very easy for me to forget and overlook what I’ve done. I survived GCSEs, (somehow) managed to secure good enough A-Levels to get into my chosen university and I’ve completed my degree. Any thought of my time in education is plagued by “I hate this teacher”, “I didn’t do as well as I should’ve”, and so on. Now that it’s all behind me, instead of wishing I’d done things differently, I think I really need to start being proud of how far I’ve come. I’m the girl that, due to my hydrocephalus, was told I wouldn’t be able to walk/talk etc and – day by day – I’ve proven those doctors, and myself, wrong.

Though I don’t know where I’m going from finishing my time in school and university, I think the main thing I do know is that I want to continue showing myself what I can do and not focusing on what I can’t.

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