My TB List

Following on from yesterday’s post, I thought I’d do another list. This time, it’s all about my other love: baking! I’ve been kind of off when it comes to baking this year, considering I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight and tone up a little (it’s debatable whether I’ve done that or not!), but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to bake stuff. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a “To Bake” list:

Millionaire Shortbreads

Despite my frequent attempts at the Lotto, I’m nowhere near being rich. So, to make up for it, I will bake these at some point. A crumbly shortbread layer, topped with caramel and smothered in milk chocolate. I mean, I’m hungry even writing all that down. I think they’re pretty technical but I’ve made shortbread before, you can buy caramel (part of me says make it, the other part predicts I’d be buying new pans immediately if I did!) and melting chocolate isn’t that hard. I’ve also seen this recipe from Jane’s Patisserie (who I aspire to be because have you seen what she bakes?! Amazing!) which, as a family who are partial to a chocolate orange (despite the fact that the pieces aren’t as thick as they used to be, true story), I know would go down well.

A fault-line cake

For ages, I had heard the term “fault-line cake” dotted around baking blogs and Twitter feeds and, despite my religious watching of The Great British Bake Off (and other baking shows), I had no idea what it was. Was it a cake with one half floating away like a tectonic plate? Turns out, it is definitely not any of the things I thought it was. Essentially it is a multi tiered delight elaborately decorated to look like a split or “fault-line” is running through the cake. I think it’s probably well above my skill set but, honestly, I’m interested to see how it’d pan out.


I think I’ve made bread once before in my life. Though, when I think about it, it was more than likely when I was in school so – much like the large majority of my school years- the recipe, process and outcome of bread making has been wiped from my mind. Considering I am currently looking for a job, and have plenty of time on my hands, I think now is probably the best time to make bread.

Mickey Mouse cookies/shortbread

I recently got the first issue of Disney Cakes & Sweets because, even though I’m twenty-two now, I have an almost childlike obsession with Disney. Seriously, give me anything Disney related and I will love you for the rest of my days! As well as the cutest Mickey shaped cookie cutters, there’s also a recipe for shortbread in the first issue so – just to check they work – I’m dying to give them a try!

Chocolate chip cookies

I’ve made chocolate chip cookies soooo many times and I really love them. Every time I make them, though, they turn out differently. I plan to find a foolproof recipe that works. Every. Single. Time.

Mickey Rice Krispy treats

Following on from the Mickey Mouse cookies I’m dying to make, I also want to create my own Mickey Rice Krispy treats. I didn’t get chance to try one of these on my recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida so – rather than fork out the money for another trip there (just yet) – I thought I should try and make my own.


I’m the only person in my family who likes the crispy, buttercream-filled shell. That being said, they’re mainly expensive to buy so – really -I think it’d be great to make them.


Do blondies really have more fun? That’s not the expression but, considering how much I love brownies (I’ve made not 1 but 2 variations of brownies on my blog), I want to see if their whiter, fudgier counterparts are just as delicious.

What have you been baking? Any recommendations or tips (if any of you have baked any of these things)?

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