My half-year resolutions

We’ve all heard of (and stuck to, to varying degrees) New Years resolutions, plans we make at the start of the year, still half pissed on Prosecco, that will enable us to have the best year ever. Of course, for many of us, we get to the middle of the year and we’re still the same unmotivated person we were on January 1st. That’s why I’m proposing half-year resolutions, resolutions I’m going to make now to ensure that the rest of 2019 going into 2020 is as smooth (or, at least as bearable) as possible.

Get a job

I’ve been out of uni since the middle of this year, then I actually finished it completely in July. 3 months have passed and my job searching is as dry as a pastry on this week’s Bake Off.

Of course, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get a job but – honestly – I’m kind of sick of just floating between helping mind my nephew and feigning productivity and it’s got to the stage where I not only could do with a job financially (I’m not bad but I didn’t really plan on dipping into my savings any time soon!) but also to improve how I’m feeling and kickstart my post grad life in a more positive way.

How to succeed with this resolution: Sort my CV out, apply for anything and everything, don’t be disheartened by setbacks and also don’t limit myself to a certain kind of job (do whatever job you can get and do stuff you love on the side).

Get writing

I don’t think I realised how much I wanted to write until a. I took up blogging and b. I finished uni. You’d think three years of non-stop writing would put me off ever thinking of pursuing it but, really, I think the thrill of writing an essay and knowing (for the most part) someone liked what I wrote has encouraged me to give actual writing a go.

How to succeed with this resolution: Make the most of writing opportunities available. Enter competitions, draft characters and storylines whenever the chance arises.

Keep in touch with friends

Going to uni has meant, unlike at school, contact with a lot of my friends has been few and far between. Even though I’m an introvert, being lonely is one of the worst things sometimes. I think not seeing my friends a lot has only made my desire to keep in contact and do stuff with them stronger.

How to succeed with this resolution: Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see people or plans get cancelled. Just keep in touch whenever possible and make the most of when you do see them.

Stay positive

It seems right that I end this post on this resolution. I think I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself lately, to get a job, to write, to do everything I want to do. Considering I’m not where I thought I would be (I.e making progress with my book, in a job etc), I think – for the rest of the year – I just need to stay as positive as possible and everything will fall into place from there.

How to succeed with this resolution: Continue listing good things that’ve happened each month, do things that make me happy and try not to think too negatively.

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