Fractured (2019) Review [Dir. Brad Anderson]

The other day, scrolling mindlessly through Netflix, I came across Fractured. All I knew was that it starred Sam Worthington (who, I’ll admit, I will shamelessly add to the list of actors I fancy!). What followed was an hour and forty minutes of heart pounding, gasp inducing weirdness.

The film centres around Ray and his frantic search for his family when they check into hospital and fail to return.

I liked the fact that the film began really tense, letting me know that this was by no means going to be a happy family film.

I think the dynamic of the film was really good, too. I get a little bored of seeing the perfect husband and wife with their lovely children, so Fractured was interesting because it also looked at a family that are fractured themselves.

Now onto the thing I didn’t like. I don’t know if I’ve got smarter since I finished my degree, or since I started reading murder mystery books (starting with this one), but I figured it out. Not immediately but, pretty soon, I figured out what usually takes me a lot longer. Even then, there were some things that just weren’t really explained and I just feel like there’s a gap in the film that wasn’t filmed.

That being said, this was an interesting film, full of twists and turns.

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