Ingrid Goes West (2017) Review [Dir. Matt Spicer]

When I’m not watching a zombie movie, or a cringey teen rom-com, you might just find me watching a black-comedy drama like Ingrid Goes West. I’ve already seen this film before but, when I found myself scrolling through Netflix (a cert these days), I thought I’d give this a watch….again.

The film focuses on Ingrid Thorburn, an unhinged girl who confuses ‘likes’ for meaningful relationships, when she moves to L.A and finds herself becoming part of a social media star’s life.

Obviously I like this film, considering I chose to watch it again. I think it’s interesting the way it explores how social media obsession can be brilliant and brutal, for both the fans and the objects of their desire.

Not to mention, Aubrey Plaza is brilliant as her usual dead-pan but also sensitive character, you honestly go from rolling your eyes at her one minute to feeling sorry for her the next. Plus, I actually liked the other characters, too.

I think it’s a good film because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, with plenty of dark humour to cut through the tension and drama.

I like that the film shows the good, bad and down right ugliness of social media in a generation that is so obsessed with checking posts, liking, swiping and showing our best lives online.

Image © Variety

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