My Goals for 2020

I started the year feeling a bit delicate after a few too many drinks but, now my heads clearer, let me just say happy 2020! I still can’t get my head around it being a New Year, and the start of a new decade, but one thing I can get behind is setting goals.

I’m not really a fan of resolutions because I feel like, once I get halfway through the year, the thing I promised I’d devote my year to has been forgotten. Saying that, I do have a few goals I thought I’d put out in the open (part of me thinks by doing this I’ll achieve them, but we’ll see!).

Read more

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I plan to read more this year. If you haven’t guessed already, there’s nothing I like more than curling up with a book. With that in mind, I’ve not only got a list of books I’d like to read (stuff I’ve missed over the years, though I don’t doubt I’ll add more to the list as the year goes on) but I’ve also created a Classics Challenge, which is basically just me trying to read as many “classic” books as I can.

Write more

Rather than make a resolution to “write a book” this year, my goal is to write more. NaNoWrimo gave me a taste of novel writing and, in 2020, I’m hoping to add to this project. As well as that, I have a children’s book already written and this year I’m planning to add to this book and develop a series.

Blog more

I’ve posted a lot on my blog in 2019 and my plan is to blog more in 2020. Blogtober sent my blog in a different direction and, honestly, I’m happy with it. I like being able to write about anything and everything and I’m hoping to continue this in 2020. Plus, I want to establish more of a schedule for posting. I think blogger jealousy was rife in 2019, as my Instagram was a flurry of posts about glitzy events, #gifted content and bloggers celebrating exciting milestones with their thousands of followers, but that’s something I want to leave in 2019.

Take (and post) more photos

A problem with me is seeing photos of myself and picking them apart, reducing myself to “my something looks too…” or “this person looks so much better in this photo than I do”, so much so I’m reluctant to take or post pictures of myself. My relationship with my body fluctuates, sometimes I feel amazing and sometimes I wish I looked completely different. So, this year, I’m making peace with my appearance and documenting all those important moments in my life I’ll probably forget by 2021 (plus taking more food pics because we need more of them in the world, right?).

Learn a language

I visit Spain a lot as family lives there and, with whatever free time I have, I’m hoping to learn some Spanish. Thanks to school, I know the basics but whenever I speak Spanish it feels awkward and clumsy. I think it’s a skill I’ll use in the future so I’m letting 2020 be the year I give it a go.

Appreciate moments

Last year, I started a “Note” on my phone with 5 good things that happened in each month. I think I dwell on the bad stuff too much so my mission for the year is to appreciate the good stuff more and try not to dwell on the bad.

Before things got messy 😬

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