The Gratitude Diaries #1

[Before I start, I was inspired by this post (by Becca) to write this, so I’d encourage you to check it out as well].

It’s a weird time. A very weird time. I think I’m naturally a negative person, so being cooped up at home and surrounded by the doom and gloom of the news has, admittedly, brought out the side of me I don’t like. Saying that, all of this mess has put things into perspective and made me realise – even when routine is tampered with – there are still good things and things to be thankful for.


The NHS has always been brilliant but, reading the news and seeing first hand what NHS workers are doing in this trying time, I’ve gained a greater admiration and respect for every person involved in keeping people safe and well in these strange times.

My friends

I’ll be forever grateful for my friends, regardless of a worldwide pandemic or not, but it warms my heart that – even with all this, and other life stuff, going on – if I reach out someone will be there to give me a pep talk, share a meme or simply just say that (once this is all over) we’ll have the best time.

My family

I spend a lot of time with my family but, during this often quite scary time, I couldn’t be more appreciative of their company. I think things like this make you realise just how valuable they are and I’m cherishing (almost) every moment with them.


It’s easy to feel low and sluggish but if anything has picked me up during this time it’s been Disney+. I mean, all the Disney classics at your fingertips, what’s not to like?

The TV

Sometimes it’s just nice to unwind, forget the world and watch TV. I’m currently rewatching Fleabag and falling in love with it all over again.

Walking the dog in the sun

Even though we’ve been limited to one daily exercise (outdoors), I’m grateful to walk my dog, appreciate my surroundings and enjoy the nice weather…for now.


I read a lot anyway but, since this all started, I’ve allowed myself to devote more time to reading and – so far – I’ve loved what I’ve been reading.

What are you grateful for? Let’s chat in the comments 😊

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