The Gratitude Diaries #2

I started this series of posts last week (you can read that first post here), after reading and inspired by this post (I’d also recommend checking out Becca’s whole blog as well!), to share some things I’m thankful each week – despite the crazy and at times overwhelming situation the world is in at the moment.


Although I’m trying (emphasis on the word “trying”) to keep healthy during this time, I’m grateful for the fact that we have a bar of chocolate to hand as – quite simply – in trying times like these there’s nothing more comforting than something sweet.

BBC IPlayer

I wasn’t much of a fan or user of BBC IPlayer prior to this but, at the moment, it’s been a lifesaver. We’ve already sailed through the two series of Fleabag (as my Mum hadn’t seen it and we were looking for a way to rewatch it), and we’ve got two seasons of Killing Eve to watch before the new series starts.

Joe Wicks’ workouts

Before this all happened, I had my heart set on joining the gym. Obviously, that’s been put on hold but – thankfully – Joe Wicks has plenty of videos that have ensured I get a gym level workout from home (even if I’ve been following the PE With Joe classes, which I’m definitely not the target audience for!).

The exercise bike

I grimaced and growled at the thought of getting one of these before things got serious but, since then, I’ve loved getting on the bike for a few minutes each day.

The blogging community

I’ve always appreciated the blogging community but I really appreciate them now. It’s nice that I can turn to fellow bloggers to chat about other things, read their posts and get my head away from the real world for a moment.

Finding the funny side

Obviously I know the situation isn’t a joke but I’m grateful for comedy shows, funny videos and little snippets of good news here and there.


I’m glad that, in amongst this, there’s still old and new music to listen to. At the minute, I’m loving Halloween’s latest album and I can’t stop listening to Blossoms.

What are you grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments 😊

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