The Gratitude Diaries #4

I started this series of posts three weeks ago (you can read the first two here and the more recent one here). With the news that Britain faces a further three weeks on lockdown at least, I think – now more than ever – we need to stay as positive as possible. Missing out on events and normality can feel horrible but I’ll take that compromise over the tragedy I’ve seen in other countries and (at the moment) my own.

With that in mind, I’m going to post a Gratitude Diaries post each week, just as a reminder (to myself, mainly) that there are still some things to be thankful for.


I think the weather can improve your mood incredibly. I’ve absolutely loved being able to sit out in the garden, get some tanning done (though it’s more like burning!), with a good book (or a G&T, because why not?!).

Rewatching old shows

I know I could watch new things (and I have been, like new Killing Eve) but I’m enjoying rewatching stuff recently. On Disney+ I’ve been enjoying Hannah Montana all over again, though my older brain keeps picking out details I’ve missed and potential flaws! On Netflix, my family and I rewatched After Life (which I’d definitely suggest if you haven’t already seen it) and I’ve started rewatching The End of the F***ing World with my sister (again, I’d recommend).


Yesterday, we had our first BBQ of the year. Granted, it was a little bit sad because we’re used to having my brother, his wife and my two little nephews with us but I still really enjoyed sitting outside, eating good food and spending time in my family’s company.

Quiz nights

On Wednesday, and now Wednesdays for the foreseeable, my friends and I decided to do a quiz night over Zoom. Though it’s nothing compared to seeing all their faces in real time, I loved catching up with them one of the only ways we can and I loved the quiz night even more (which included a round about dogs, Disney and deciding whether Gemma Collins or one of the Kardashians had said a quote!) when I realised I’d come third.

Clapping for the heroes

I’ll admit, at first, I wasn’t a fan of this. I just thought why aren’t these people appreciated every day, pandemic or not, through wage increases? Saying that, as things got worse and I saw what sacrifices key workers were making (and I thought of one of my best friends who is starting a job in the industry very soon), I realised that they definitely deserve the recognition. It might’ve meant I had to make a disheveled appearance at my doorstep last night but it’s hardly a sacrifice in comparison.

Good news

For ages, the news has been nothing but doom and gloom. This many deaths here, this many confirmed cases here, disgruntled politician telling us to “stay safe, stay inside, protect the NHS” here. Now though, probably because they’ve been told to show a nicer side, there’s some good news about. I’ve seen news stories recently with cute stories about people’s children, how people are keeping busy and then there’s the brilliant work of people like Captain Tom Moore who has raised money for the NHS.

What are you grateful for this week? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊!

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9 thoughts on “The Gratitude Diaries #4

  1. This is lovely. I definitely needed to read this positive post during this difficult time ♡ I’m glad that you have been enjoying The End of the F***ing World. It’s one of my fave shows. I haven’t watched the new series of Killing Eve yet but I really enjoyed the first series!

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