Killing Eve (Series 3, Episode 2) Review

Killing Eve  returned to our screens last week, with an episode that wasn’t exactly ‘the best thing you’ll ever see on television’ but it was an interesting and exciting start to the latest series of the killer comedy-drama.

Again, this week, we were greeted by beautifully shot scenes, little sprinklings of humour and just a little bit of heart.

Villanelle remains interested in becoming a keeper, and will do whatever it takes to become one. This leads to a quite funny moment involving a trainee assassin, a clown costume and several children. We see her begin to crack a little bit, though, when Konstantin arrives at her apartment – to tell her that, in fact, Eve is not dead. Eve is in pieces following the conclusion of the previous episode, drinking a lot of alcohol and mistaking ‘PULL’ doors for ‘PUSH’ ones (we’ve all done that though!), though it doesn’t appear to stop her from wanting to find out more about Bitter Pill – the intriguing set-up where Kenny worked.

Carolyn is her usual calm, possibly unnerving self (even at her son’s funeral) though there are a few moments when you – maybe, just maybe – see her mask slipping a bit. Things at work are different for her, as Paul seems intent on taking charge and pushing Carolyn out, and they’re different at home as well. Carolyn’s daughter Geraldine, who hasn’t previously been mentioned and – much like Kenny – appears to be the complete opposite of her mother, is strangely chummy with Konstantin (remarking about her memories of him). She’s not exactly her usual self but I’m intrigued to see how the shocking events of the first episode will impact her character.

I think, though the second episode was a bit slow and I feel like very little actually happened, I’m intrigued to find out what the rest of the series will explore.


Did you watch the second episode? I’d love to find out what you thought about it in the comments 😊


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