Killing Eve (Series 3, Episode 3) Review

Killing Eve returned to our screen three weeks ago (here are my thoughts on : Episode 1 and Episode 2) and things are getting interesting. Very interesting.

We were treated to gorgeous shots of Spain, some funny moments and an intriguing (if premature, in my opinion) reunion in the episode.

Villanelle is as crazy, and alluring, as ever, as she wanders through a teddy bear making shop, creates a “powerful scent” and the moment with the baby (if a bit shocking) was pretty funny.

Eve is back to business, though it’s no means business as usual – as it starts with a meeting which takes place in Carolyn’s bathroom, with Eve’s boss nonchalantly having a bath! Eve is now spending time with Kevin’s co-workers at Bitter Pill, trying to get more information about the Twelve and Kenny’s murder, and contending with revelation that Niko is MIA.

Carolyn is back to normal, as normal as she can be conducting a meeting from her bath and going on a date with a man she is (obviously) trying to get information for.

The last few episodes have been a bit of a slow burner, in my opinion, but this definitely picked things up. It was funny, exciting and I’m dying to find out the aftermath of the reunion.

Did you watch the third episode? I’d love to know what you thought about it in the comments 😊

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