Killing Eve (Season 3, Episode 4) Review

Killing Eve returned to our screens four weeks ago (you can see my thoughts on previous episodes here: 1/ 2 / 3) and, after a slow start, it’s picked up a bit.

The episode had a significant difference, as – instead of the usual colourful titles letting us know where the characters (and us as viewers) are – each characters name flashed up on screen instead. I don’t really know if it was significant but it was definitely different.

Villanelle is a little subdued this time around, meeting with Konstantin and larking around exotic locations. It is the friend (or foe, I don’t know if I’ve worked out which yet) we met in episode one that causes the trouble in this one. That’s for sure.

Eve, obviously shaken from that confrontation, is living in her new work digs – stealing someone’s Coco Pops, as you do! Though, that changes when Jamie offers up a room in his house. There’s a weird, slightly humorous back and forth between them but – as we know with Eve – she’s off somewhere else.

Niko, Eve’s estranged husband, is on the move. The episode, for the first time in the show’s history, started with him. I was made up for him because he actually looked happy for the first time!

It seems this series is a slow burner but it cuts through this aspect with the shock factor. I’m still waiting for something big but I feel like this episode delivered when it needed to.

Did you watch the fourth episode? I’d love to know what you thought about it in the comments 😊.

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