Killing Eve (Season 3, Episode 5) Review

Killing Eve returned to our screens a few weeks ago (my thoughts on the episodes so far are here: 1 / 2 /3 / 4) and – after weeks of being a bit of a slow burner, with the occasional exciting moment – it seems as though things have finally picked up for Episode 5.

The episode takes place in Villanelle’s native Russia, where she has ventured out to following Konstantin’s revelation about her family.

In the episode, it seems the icy exterior of the female assassin is melting…ever so slightly as – in some parts of the episode – she actually seemed nice. Of course, she had the same attitude (and facial expression) I have whenever the prospect of dancing with a family member presents itself. I’m glad there was some humour in this episode as – I’ll admit – I feel like it’s been lacking so far.

Funnily enough, this episode didn’t include Eve whatsoever but it did include Villanelle’s family, all of whom are a little odd in their own way: her brother batters furniture, her half-brother loves Elton John and her mother (much like the cold hearted assassin) doesn’t appear to like very much at all. I liked seeing a side to Villanelle’s character we wouldn’t usually, enjoying herself and actually being (slightly) nice to people!

I’m not really sure where this series will go after this but I’m glad it’s definitely picked up after a slow start.

Did you watch the fifth episode, what did you think? What else have you been watching? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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