The Gratitude Diaries #7

A few weeks back, I started a series of posts called The Gratitude Diaries in an attempt to document things I’m thankful for each week because, quite frankly, it’s difficult in the situation the world finds itself in to feel thankful for much (I’ll post the link to the previous posts at the end of this one).

All the memories I have with my Grandad

Sadly, I lost my Grandad last week. I wasn’t going to post about it because quite frankly it’s private and I felt like posting it was processing it and dealing with it all over again but then I realised this blog is an extension of my life and life isn’t all good books, good food and great things. Plus, I have to acknowledge his loss to acknowledge the wonderful times we’ve had together and the brilliant man he was. I feel lost without him and visiting his house in the future is not going to be the same but I’m grateful that, before all this, I have so many great times to look back on.

The prospect of working from home

I don’t know if I’ve touched on this already so I apologise if I have! My part time admin job recently announced that my hours were getting scrapped but I was being furloughed so it didn’t matter too much. Then they announced we were now on full time hours, I don’t know how long for, and would be working from home. It’ll be odd getting back into work and working after so long of getting accustomed to the routine of eating, watching lots of TV and enjoying daily exercise but I’m looking forward to getting back to something that resembles my usual routine, that’s for sure.

Joining a book club

Took me long enough but I finally joined a book club! Whispering Woman, a brilliant blogger whose account is full of beautiful, bookish content, set up Books With Brooke– a book club which will read a book each month and is already connecting on social media. I can’t wait for the first book reveal and to connect even more with every single member (there’s over 100 people in the book club, so it’ll take a while!).

Reading different genres

When I got myself a NetGalley account, I requested any and every book I could. It meant I had a fair few to read at first, which was pretty daunting, but I’ve loved reading a variety of books and genres so far and I can’t wait to read and request more.

Bread baking

I’m a keen baker that’s for sure but, aside from one occasion at school, I’ve not baked bread. A while ago, I bought packet yeast and – this week – I finally used it to make bread. The bread we made was quite nice, so I’d definitely make it again.

Watching quiz shows with my family

You’d think I’d be sick of quizzes, with the constant ones over Zoom I’ve been doing, but I’m not. During this isolation and lockdown, I’ve loved watching shows such as Richard Osman’s House of Games and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with my family. It’s been easy to feel stuck during this current situation but quiz shows are a good way to get the brain working and get your mind off all the bad things.

What are you thankful for this week? Let’s chat in the comments 😊.

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