Killing Eve (Season 3, Episode 6) Review

It only feels like yesterday that Killing Eve returned to our screens but – actually – there’s only two more episodes left before this season, its third, is over (for my thoughts on previous episodes: 1 / 2 / 3/ 4/ 5).

If you’ve been reading these review posts, you’ll see that – so far – the series has been hit-and-miss for me. It’s still incredibly stylish, well shot and wonderfully dark but I think it lacks the excitement, humour and tension of the past few seasons.

This episode begins with a bit of a revelation- a character you’d least expect to see again is, in fact, alive (no spoilers for anyone that hasn’t seen it, though!). I’d say it’s not really necessary for them to be alive but, with two episodes to go, we’ll just have to see how they fit in.

Eve and the Bitter Pill lot get back to cracking the case and find that Dasha was behind the chalk killings. I think we’re seeing a very different Eve to the one we had at the start of the season. She’s not the timid, lost shell that she was. She’s bold, still as deadpan and as sassy as always, and her confrontation with Dasha (over a game of bowling, no less) proves she’s not messing around anymore.

Villanelle has finally got what she wants, the role of Keeper, but she has come to realise – actually – she doesn’t want it. After the events of last week, which definitely had an impact on her (if the final scene of last week is anything to go by), she’s off her game. She kills again but the kill is incredibly messy and leaves her hurt. Though we’re seeing a change in her character as the show goes on, I don’t doubt she doesn’t have something sinister planned.

Carolyn is pretty cool in this episode, confronting Konstantin and – in doing so – finding out new information herself. Her talk with Geraldine, who I’m interested to see do something outrageous (I have a feeling she will, considering the fact that the actress who plays her deserves her character doing something big), is awkward and tense but it clears up the reason why she’s so detached from her children.

Issues with children seems to be the theme of the episode, as Konstantin- who may or may not have stolen a lot of money – sees what happens when you let your children play with a psychopath. There’s definitely more to Konstantin, his motives and his actions, which I’m sure we’ll discover in the next episodes.

I’m not entirely sure where this season will go from here. Of course, like the internet, I have ideas and theories but – as I watch this season – I’m beginning to realise that, even if the humour and something-exciting-happening-at-every-turn of the previous seasons is lacking, Killing Eve remains as unpredictable as ever.

Have you been watching this season of Killing Eve? What are your thoughts? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊

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