Killing Eve (Season 3, Episode 7) Review

Time flies when you’re having fun. Time also flies when you’re watching the intense killer-comedy Killing Eve, apparently. I say this because next week bring Episode 8 – the final episode of the season. Unlike the rest of these review posts, I’ll link my previous posts at the end and get straight into reviewing this one.

The episode begins with Villanelle face to face with Helene – who I assume is one of The Twelve, though I can’t remember – and what follows is an odd exchange between the two where Helene (watched on by another assassin, Rhian) calls Villanelle a “beautiful monster” and Villanelle – in return – talks about shitting in her Mum’s shoe…as you do. Whilst this is a puzzling exchange, Villanelle’s next move is clear: she must kill Dasha.

Social media was abuzz with praise for Taylor Swift as a cover of her song was used in the episode but, as good as that was, I personally think people should’ve praised Jodie Comer. She’s not only brilliant to watch prance around in outrageous outfits, she is terrifying and endearing as Villanelle and an absolute master of the accent (we had to rewind the bit where she has a Scottish accent, just to marvel over how brilliant it is).

This episode is pretty important for Eve, as well. Like Villanelle, she’s shaken by the events of previous episodes but one thing the writers, producers and directors of Killing Eve are very good at is presenting women on a mission. I mean, granted, Eve’s mission saw her knee deep in a skip (again, as you do!), but her quest for Villanelle  is definitely in full force – especially after that reunion of the bus. 

There were some interesting developments for Carolyn and Konstantin as well. Carolyn has been her usual detached, emotionless self this season (despite the tragic events of the first episode) but – thanks to her very emotional daughter – we start seeing cracks emerging. Geraldine encourages Carolyn to start feeling and her interpretation of ‘feeling’ is as strange – and as damaging to items to furniture – as you’d imagine. Konstantin, on the other hand, is in an awkward position. His daughter is in a detention centre, and Geraldine figures out his true intentions, which is enough to trigger a very serious consequence. Even still, though, he laughs in the face of danger.

I’m not particularly sure where the directors, writers and producers will go with the next episode – or how they will end the series – but I’m glad (after feeling a bit let down by the series so far) that the show has kicked it up a notch.


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