Jen Rewatches: Suite Life on Deck

Since I first posted almost 2 years ago, this blog has been a space for me to share everything I love in one place on the internet. At first, that meant books, baking and being a student. As my blog grew – and my confidence in it grew as well – so did the topics I covered. More books, more baking but Life posts, music posts, movie posts and lots of TV posts.

During lockdown – which has been equal parts exciting as it has been taxing – I purchased Disney+, the home of all kinds of Disney content (a.k.a my dream), and have spent the time I’m not working from home (or reading all kinds of exciting books) re-watching the Disney Channel shows I loved when I was younger. First it was Hannah Montana and then The Suite Life of Zack and Cody . Most recently, I finished The Suite Life on Deck – the sequel/spin-off to the 2005 series.

Like my previous ‘Jen Rewatches’ posts, I’ll talk through the characters, then let you know which episodes are my personal favourites.

From 2008 to 2011, The Suite Life on Deck sees Zack, Cody, London Tipton and several new additions attend Seven Seas High. The show is definitely more grown-up than its predecessor but it still has the humour and heart of the original series.

The Characters

Zack and Cody Martin

The series – like the original series – follows Zack and Cody Martin. The dynamic is as cheeky as usual, with sneaky jokes thrown in, but there’s also some quite nice moments between them. I liked them on first watch but, on second watch, I wasn’t sure.

They’re still lovable and funny but both of them aren’t great where relationships are concerned – I found myself rolling my eyes at jokes I probably found funny originally.

London and Bailey

London Tipton returned in this series, still as dopey – and as lovable- as ever. Though I did wonder why she was still at school (even though she’s definitely much older than the others), I loved seeing her character develop in this show and become a bit more sensitive. The other female character they introduced – other than various S.S Tipton staff, and various girlfriends/crushes – was Bailey Pickett. She was exaggerated farm-girl -plus-brainiac and (both times I watched this show) I didn’t like her. I just find her annoying!

Mr Moseby also returns, with more jokes and more grimacing, alongside a host of other characters including Woody, Marcus and Miss Tutwieler.

My Favourite Episodes

Series One

★ “International Date Line” – I love anything with a time hopping theme and this episode doesn’t disappoint. I loved watching Cody relive the day over and over and over.

“Maddie on Deck” – I really missed Maddie’s character in this spin-off but one episode featuring her character definitely sufficed. It’s awkward and stupid but still as funny as I remember.

★ “Shipnotized” – I really liked London thinking she was Bailey in this. It was stupid but I still found myself laughing

Series Two

★ “Kitchen Casanova” – I loved the episodes on the original Suite Life when Cody got involved with anything food related, so this one didn’t disappoint!

★ “Bermuda Triangle” – I couldn’t imagine swapping personalities with my twin sister but I loved this episode regardless.

★ “Once Upon a Suite Life” – I love a good fairytale so this episode, where the characters find themselves in fairytales, definitely appeals to me.

Series Three

★ “The Silent Brothers” – The first episode of the series sees Cody dealing with his break up. I’m not sure I’d deal with it exactly the same way but it’s a good watch!

★ “Party On” – The choice of Sean Kingston in the lead really doesn’t make sense to me but I can’t help but enjoy this episode every time.

“A London Carol” – a Christmas episode is always good. Fact. There’s just something about this one that I really like.

What have you been watching recently? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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