Work From Home Diaries #2

In the last Work From Home Diaries, I talked about how the fate of my job has changed and shifted. I’ve now worked in my job for four weeks, which is exciting and weird at the same time.

Though I’m loving still having the opportunity to work, and I can’t really complain about earning money (though I can, and do, complain about not really having anywhere to spend it!), it does sometimes feel strange not asking for guidance face to face or speaking to my co-workers to make the shift go quicker!

I was apprehensive about starting work, especially during a pandemic, but – slowly but surely – the apprehension is melting away.

Whilst I can’t say I completely know what I’m doing, I feel better about working from home with every shift.

One thing I’ve noticed since I started working from home is how good podcasts are for helping shifts go a bit quicker. At the minute, I’m listening to the Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast – it’s a bit awkward sometimes having to explain what I’m laughing at, though!

When I’m not working from home, I’m attempting to get back into reading (I’ve struggled a fair bit getting back into reading after finishing Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero) and watching a variety of TV shows, such as Glow Up on BBC and Parks & Recreation – I’m also spending weekends making cocktails and lounging in the sun whenever I can!

Have any of you been working from home? How have you found it so far? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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