ARC Review: The Yes Factor by Erin Spencer & Emma Sable


I received an ARC of this book via Valentine PR and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



Liv just wants her best friend Bex to find love.

Bex just wants to stay in bed with Outlander.

With 40 just around the corner, divorced single mom Bex is too busy being a chauffeur for her teenage daughter to bother swiping for dates. 

Her best friend Liv, who is married to the supposedly perfect man, swoops in from London on a mission to get Bex out of her own bed and in to someone else’s. Liv pushes Bex into a week-long whirlwind of dates, awkward kisses and missed connections.

What could possibly go wrong when Bex agrees to Liv’s harebrained scheme of saying Yes to every possible suitor? And why is Liv so intent on fixing Bex’s love life, or lack thereof?

Just what do you find out when all of your no’s turn into The Yes Factor?

My thoughts

Being in the midst of a pandemic makes you realise how important friends are, that’s for sure, and the theme of female friendship is just one of the many parts of The Yes Factor.

The book follows Bex and Liv, two thirty-something’s who want different things: whilst Liv wants her best friend to find love, Bex is perfectly happy being a mother to her teenage daughter, sipping wine and watching Outlander (which, to be honest, sounds like bliss to me – at least the last two things, anyway!). Both of the women’s lives are shaken when Liv arrives from England and forces her friend to say “yes” to an array of weird and wonderful plans, leading to all kinds of funny, awkward scenarios for them both!

I love a book featuring alternate points of view and luckily, though they both had their flaws, I liked both characters. Both of the narratives were easy to follow and interesting, too. Though I wish we had more of Liv’s story – I couldn’t help but feel like bits of her character were still a mystery to me by the end of the book.

As someone who is very much a “no” person compared to a “yes man” (though, at least up until Corona, I was saying “yes” to whatever plans came my way!), it was interesting to see what might happen when you say yes. The book took an exciting turn as soon as the girls said “yes”, though sometimes the antics were just too weird to be true.

I’m very used to reading romance with a teenage, or young adult, face but The Yes Factor offered a contrast to this. I liked the fact that the women were given a second chance at love – Spencer and Sable definitely show you that everyone deserves a chance at love.

Something I didn’t like, though, was the ending. It was a good ending, don’t get me wrong, but I just felt like it was rushed – or maybe the excitement was just used up by the earlier chapters.

Regardless, The Yes Factor is an entertaining read – plus I wouldn’t say no to reading it on a sun bed with a cocktail, that’s for sure!

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