Music Mondays #2

In case you missed it, I started a new series of posts on the blog last week called Music Mondays. It’s a way for me to share something I love (music) and maybe inspire you to listen to music you might not have heard of (hopefully, one day, you’ll do the same for me!), so what’s not to like?

Last week, I shared some albums/songs I’ve been listening to (mainly new, indie releases) and there’s definitely a similar trend this week. So, get your headphones out, get whatever you listen to your music on ready, because I’m about to share some more songs/albums to listen to.

Everything Everything, RE-ANIMATOR

The art-rock band from Manchester are back with RE-Animator – their latest album, following their 2017 release A Fever Dream. Unlike most of their albums, this release was a quick process, taking two weeks to complete. It doesn’t feel as spectacular as their previous albums, or as “out there”, but the captivating quality of the thumping music and soaring vocals remains.

Several of the album’s tracks were teased earlier in the year, my favourite being the energetic Violent Sun, though the album highlight for me is It Was A Monstering – a reminder that they are a band that deserves to be noticed (and deserves a place on your summer playlist).

© AWAL Recordings/Infinity Industries LLP

Billie Marten, Feeding Seahorses by Hand

I’m always looking for chilled, easy music to listen to and this 2019 album from North Yorkshire indie-folk singer Billie Marten fits the bill.

Each song on the album is bluesy, relaxing and it’s not hard to be captivated by her vocals. The more upbeat Betsy and Toulouse are highlights for me, plus I love the inclusion of recipes on the images for each song – definitely appeals to the baker in me.

© Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Will Joseph Cook, Be Around Me

Though his new album Something To Feel Good About It (the follow-up to his 2017 LP Sweet Dreamer) is due for release on 27th November 2020, indie pop artist Will Joseph Cook has been kind enough to give us a few teasers in recent months – most recently the fun, catchy tune Be Around Me.

Though it feels like a different, fluffier version of his previous material, there’s no denying he has a talent for writing songs that take you away from the doom and gloom and make you want to dance.

© Bad Hotel/ The Vertex Ltd

Future Fires, Holding On

The Birmingham based indie band are new to me – though they followed me on Instagram so I guess I’d best return a favour their way – but they’re a good recent listen, for sure.

Though there’s no doubt they have their influences (this track gives me serious Courteeners/ early Arctic Monkeys vibes), the soft vocals of frontman Adam Norman coupled with the guitar and drumbeats throughout feels fresh and new – and I have a feeling this band will be on my radar for a while.

© Future Fires

Doves, The Universal Want

The second Manchester band on this week’s list is Doves, a band that emerged on the scene a year after I was born – which means they’ve been around a long time (!). I was made up to hear they’d returned with a new album and honestly it’s a good one.

I’ve always thought the band were an intriguing one, with plenty of arena ready anthems and a lead singer with a voice that grips you straight away, and this album didn’t disappoint. Highlights for me were the opening track Carousels and Prisoners. I love playing music loud – anyone who knows me (and my neighbours, unfortunately) will know that – and this album definitely deserves to be played at a loud volume.

© Virgin Records Ltd

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments and give some of your favourite tunes a go…maybe for next week’s post?

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