Music Mondays #3

In case you missed it, I started a new series of posts two weeks ago called Music Mondays as a way to not only share the music I’ve been listening to but also to inspire anyone whose reading these posts to listen to something new.

Last week, I listened to a variety of music and the same can definitely be said for this week as well. As always, get your headphones out, get your playlists ready for an update, because I’m about to share some more recommendations.

Black Honey, Run For Cover

Brighton based indie-rockers Black Honey are back with Run For Cover, a fun track that feels made for dancing and definitely made to be played loud.

It feels made for packed arenas but I’ll take listening to it at my desk whilst working from home...for now!

© Foxfive Records, 2020

Dominic Fike, Chicken Tenders

This song was recommended to me by my sister – a fellow music lover and one of the coolest people I know – so I knew it’d be a good tune.

Admittedly, he’s not an artist I’d usually choose to listen to (although 3 Nights always has me dancing if it came on when we went out ((pre Covid, of course!)) ), but there’s no denying that this song is infectious and easy to listen to – which is what we need.

© Sandy Boys LLC, 2020

Marika Hackman, Realiti

I’m a big fan of Marika Hackman’s moody, bluesy indie songs so I was glad to hear she will be releasing an album of covers she loves – starting with Realiti, which was originally by Grimes.

This song feels made for the days laying on our beds, just thinking about everything.

© Marika Hackman, 2020

Nothing But Thieves, Real Love Song

My favourite radio station Radio X (and my Dad) inspired me to listen to this and – honestly – I am happy to add this to the list of the best songs this year (though we haven’t had much choice!).

The band are a guitar-based rock band but this song has a cool, laidback feel to it. It’s a song I’d love to hear live and (hopefully) one day I will.

© Sony Music Entertainment, 2020

MarthaGunn, Heaven

I’ve already mentioned MarthaGunn before on this series of posts but today I found a new track – Heaven – that was definitely worth mentioning.

It’s a high impact song with a voice that’s captivating and impossible not to pay attention to.

© Communion Group Ltd, 2020

What have you been listening to recently? I’d love to chat in the comments and give some of your favourite tunes a go… maybe for next weeks post?

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