Music Mondays #4

In case you missed it, I’ve started a BRAND NEW series of posts on my blog all about one of the (many!) loves in my life: music. If you know me, you’ll know I’m never far from the remote (my mates hate the fact I can never keep a song on long enough when we put the music channels on!), I’m always updating my Spotify playlists (my longest is 85 hours and 7 minutes long!) and – pre Covid at least- there’s nothing I loved more than going to see a band (with a drink or two).

Of course, now – thank you coronavirus- concerts as we know them have been put on hold (though I did have the pleasure of watching and reviewing a live-streamed gig), albums that were (probably) due for 2020 have been delayed and bands and artists are getting through this mess of a year just like us. So, to lift everyone’s music deficient spirits – and to ensure great artists are still getting support – I thought I’d share what I’ve been listening to, in the hope that it might just inspire you to listen to somebody new.

In my last Music Mondays post, there was a lot of rocky, moody songs but – this week (I completely forgot to post a Music Monday’s post last week, as I was waving 22 goodbye!) – there’s been a bit of a shift because, let’s face it, with lockdown and coronavirus still rearing its ugly head, we could all do with a music related pick-me-up.

Red Rum Club, The Hollow of Humdrum

I’m all about celebrating talent and the fact that this alternative-indie band come from my native Liverpool makes them even better (in my eyes, at least!).

Much like their first album, Matador, The Hollow of Humdrum is full of fun, high energy tracks I can’t wait to hear in (relatively) packed venues…whenever that’ll happen. Kids Addicted is bound to get you dancing, much like the singles The Elevation and Eleanor, whilst Favourite Record (my personal favourite track) is a softer, melodic song that feels reminiscent of another favourite band of mine, Blossoms.

© Modern Sky UK, 2020

Liz Lawrence, Whoosh

I had the pleasure of seeing Liz Lawrence in concert (back when they were a thing!) and made sure I kept up with whatever the indie pop singer had planned next. I loved her recent album, Pity Party (I’d definitely recommend you listen to it!) and her earlier stuff, so I’m glad she’s emerged a year later with Whoosh – an EP that’s bluesy, captivating and the kind of easy listening we need right now.

Whoosh is a great start to the EP, with Lawrence’s voice contrasting beautifully with the Georgia Mass Choir, whilst California Screaming feels made for the time we’re living in. East Side feels like it belongs on the soundtrack of an über cool Netflix series and is the highlight of the EP for me. Hope (Or Something Like It) is a song that has you hanging on every word and really speaks to the messy time we’re living in at the moment.

© Second Breakfast 2020

Dermot Kennedy, Giants

Radio X, a radio station I’ve listened to a lot since I started working from home, plays this song a fair bit – for good reason! Giants shows off the vocals that have earned Kennedy acclaim across the pond and it feels made for some sort of TV show or movie moment.

Dermot Kennedy was admittedly not on my radar but, after hearing this song, I’m interested to listen to him more and see where his career goes.

© Riggins Recording/Interscope Records/Island Records 2020

Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia

I’m very surprised I haven’t included Dua Lipa in a Music Mondays post (not least considering the fact I’ve got a bad girl crush on her!) as she’s kind of a music guilty pleasure for me. Her music is a complete contrast from the indie, alternative music I listen to on a daily basis but it reminds me of so many great (drunken) times with friends and one of the boss things about music is how it connects to people and memories.

Admittedly, I do skip the titular track but the rest of the album is infectious dance-track after dance-track (my favourites are Don’t Stop Now, Levitating and Physical) that not only showcases Dua’s vocals but it also makes me smile thinking of better times with my favourite people …even if our singing is pretty questionable.

© Dua Lipa Limited, Warner Records U.K., 2020

Sundara Karma, Kill Me

Sundara Karma are one of my favourite bands so I was pleasantly happy to see that – after a bit of a break – they’ve returned with Kill Me, a possible taste of their next album…maybe?

It’s moody, music driven and shows a sensitive side that I think musicians rarely show. Whilst it doesn’t have the same appeal (for me) as previous tracks have, it has made me excited for the new direction they are heading in.

© Chess Club, AWAL, 2020

What have you been listening to recently? I’d love to chat in the comments and give some of your favourite tunes a go maybe for next week’s post?

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