Music Mondays #6

It’s that time again, everyone, it’s another Music Monday! The tighter restrictions, and overall question mark hanging over what the last few months of 2020 will bring, have definitely dampened the mood a bit. Of course, there’s nothing a boss playlist can’t fix, right?

On my latest post for this series of blog posts, things got a bit sad girl indie. This week, though, I threw it back to some indie tunes of the past.

Arctic Monkeys, AM

I feel like this is a basic “I like indie starter pack” album but – even years later – the album (and Alex Turner’s impeccable quiff) still has a special place in my heart (and on my playlist).

Not only does it feature crowd pleasures like R U Mine?, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High, Arabella and One For The Road but there is definitely something to be said for the slower, more heartfelt songs like Knee Socks, I Wanna Be Yours and Fireside.

© Domino Recording Co Ltd, 2013

Alvvays, Alvvays

American indie five piece Alvvays have a sound that feels suited to the soundtrack of those great, cheesy films I love (but won’t always admit to loving!) and their first, self-titled album is a great example of this.

The album starts with the fun Adult Diversion, then moves on to moody Archie, Marry Me. Ones Who Love You and Red Planet are slower, peaceful tunes that really allow you to focus on the vocals and how well they blend with the music. Party Police and Next of Kin are the two songs I come back to on this album, for sure.

© Polyvinyl Records, 2014

DMA’S, The Glow

I can thank Radio X (and my Dad) for this one. Australian indie boys DMA’S were sort of on my radar but, with an album as good as this on their list, they won’t be leaving my radar (or my playlist) any time soon.

Though the previous singles The Glow, Silver and Life Is A Game of Change are brilliant tracks my favourite is actually Strangers – which has English indie band vibes to it, I think. I also really like the slower song Learning Alive, which allows you time to focus on the vocals and disengage from everything around you…which is definitely what we need right now.

© Illusive Sounds Pty, Limited, 2020

Buzzard Buzzard, Hollywood Actors

Just to cut through the indie-ness of this weeks post, I thought I’d include some classic rock- with a fresh feel to it.

Hollywood Actors is a song I think you can listen to multiple times and not get sick of – plus we all are a bit fascinated by celebrities aren’t we?

© Communion Group, 2020

Orla Gartland, Pretending

I really like Orla Gartland’s voice and this latest single, Pretending, is no exception.

It’s self-conscious, anxious but captivating as ever and I could definitely see this being added to a playlist for when I eventually start properly writing again!

© New Friends, 2020

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments and give some of your favourite tunes a go… maybe for next weeks post?

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