Music Mondays #9

It’s my favourite time of the week (besides Tuesday’s episode of The Great British Bake Off): it’s Music Monday!

Last week, my Music Monday choices were a bit of a mixed bag. Business as usual this week!

Clean Cut Kid, Good Lord (you’ve Come so Far)

I do like championing local artists on this playlist and it helps that Clean Cut Kid – and this song, Good Lord (you’ve Come so Far) – are actually good.

During lockdown, it’s been very easy to focus on the bad stuff but I think this song serves as a reminder that – actually- you’re doing alright.

© Michael Halls, 2020.

Middle Kids, R U 4 Me?

I’d never heard of the Australian trio Middle Kids but one listen of their latest single R U 4 Me? made me realise that they definitely should be on my radar – and yours too, by extension!

I think we need some cheering up at the moment and nothing cheers me up more than songs you can play loudly and dance around to – this song is definitely one of those songs!

© Lucky Number Music Limited, 2020.

The Districts, Cheap Regrets – Edit

Again, these are a band that aren’t on my radar but something about their latest release, Cheap Regrets, feels familiar- it reminds me of the bands I saw in concert when I was younger, and constantly thinking “I’m not cool enough to listen to this”.

The song is fun, catchy and I think – like the other songs I’ve included in this week’s post – it’ll lift the mood, which we all need right now.

© Fat Possum Records, 2020.

Picture This, When We Were Young

I’ve not heard of Picture This but they feel reminiscent of bands I’ve heard of – Kodaline, The Script, Lawson, to name a few. It’s a bit of a rogue choice for the playlist (considering- I’ve realised I predominantly or almost entirely listen to indie music!) but I loved the lighters-in-the-air pop feel to the song.

Being forced inside for several months – and purchasing a Switch with Animal Crossing – has made me feel incredibly nostalgic and this song definitely plays on those feelings whilst also being pretty good!

© Republic Records, 2018

Matty Burke, Malibu

Again this was a bit of a rogue choice – as my tastes are predominantly indie/alternative – but when I listened to this song the other day I knew it had to be on the playlist.

Malibu is a song that’s incredibly easy to listen to, and there’s no denying it’s very catching – though it doesn’t help my wanderlust!

© soup ink, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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You can also follow the playlist on SpotifyI’ll update it with more tunes as I go!

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