Music Mondays #10

It’s that time again! Music Monday, the day I share with you songs I’m loving at the moment. Let’s face it, this year has been a confusing, upsetting and messy one for a lot of us. Personally, nothing cheers me up more than taking time away from the doom and gloom of the news, sticking on a Spotify playlist and singing along (badly!).

Last week proved that the playlist – and the music I’ve been listening to at the moment- is always subject to change (a bit like 2020!). This week, things got a little bit upbeat.

Jake Bugg, All I Need

Fun fact, Nottingham born indie singer Jake Bugg was actually my last concert prior to the lockdown and Coronavirus madness I think we’ll all remember 2020 for. After really enjoying seeing him live for a second time, I’m glad he’s back with this tune.

It’s world’s away from his early songs like Two Fingers and Lightning Bolt but I like the energetic, catchy nature of the song and it’s definitely made me start looking forward for whatever he brings out next.

© Sony Music Entertainment U.K. Limited, 2020.

Caroline Rose, Feel The Way I Want

American pop-rock singer Caroline Rose was definitely new to me but I’ll thank my brother (and his very good, I’ll admit, 2020 playlist) for this one.

It’s fun, easy to listen to and on the good side of cheesy pop – I can definitely see this being the song I’ll play in the shower until it annoys me and my family 😂.

© New West Records LLC, 2020.

Sunflower Beam, Moment in The Sun

The indie-rock trio Sunflower Beam isn’t new to me but this – their latest single – was until recently.

I love the way the two vocals fit in with each other so well, and the music is full of fun and energy…even if a moment in the sun feels miles off (thanks COVID-19 and British weather!)

© Lucky Number Music Limited, 2020.

Marika Hackman, Covers

Though I do love Marika Hackman’s fun, high energy offering Any Human Friend, there’s something to be said about the moments the alternative-folk singer strips everything back and reworks songs in her own way – which is exactly what she does for her latest album.

The album opener You Never Wash Up After Yourself is an interesting opener, showcasing Hackman’s captivating vocals at their best, as is Phantom Limb that follows. Playground Love and All Night are slightly more upbeat, whilst Temporary Loan and Between The Bars have Hackman’s usual moody, bluesy feel to them.

© Marika Hackman, 2020.

Arlo Parks, Green Eyes

For me, London singer/poet Arlo Parks has been a breakthrough act this year. Admittedly she’s probably outside of the usual genres I would listen to but there’s no denying that there’s something poetic and captivating about her lyrics.

The song is rooted in themes of self discovery, self acceptance and adolescence- which is a tricky journey for a lot of people, made trickier by the mess that this year has been. Though it deals with quite important themes, the song has a beautiful melody and feels like a piece of poetry – so it’s right up my street.

© Transgressive Records Ltd, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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You can also follow the playlist on SpotifyI’ll be updating it every Monday so you can listen along, so keep an eye out!

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