Music Mondays #12

It’s the beginning of another new week and, quite frankly, 2020 has proven we have no idea what’s going to come from one week to the next. One thing anyone that follows this blog can be certain of, though, is that – every Monday – I will be sharing 5 of my latest listens, either individual songs or whole albums, in the hope that it might get you listening to something or someone new.

Last week, the playlist was a mix of old songs and new songs (to me). It’s a similar feel this week, too.

Jack Garratt, Mara

I’ve got a real soft spot for this song, I’ll admit. I’ve seen Jack Garratt live a while back, but only recently listened to his latest album – of which this track is a single on.

This song really forces you to take notice of Garratt’s vocals and I think – for anyone who hasn’t heard of him – is a great introduction to the infectious, indie-pop electronica sound that he’s known for. For me, it reminds me of pre-Covid car journeys with one of my best mates – I seriously can’t wait to sing badly along to this with her soon, once Covid-19 stops doing its thing.

© Island Records; Universal Music Operations Limited, 2020.

Juno, Better For It

The indie-pop four piece are a recent find for me and I think this song – Better For It – was a great introduction to the band and their sound.

It feels made for a sweaty, crowded gig venue but I’ll quite happily listen to it from my makeshift desk whilst working from home!

© Shoab Records, 2020.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mr Prism

This Australian band were new to me although, with such a strange band name (and a fun, interesting sound to their music), I doubt I’ll be forgetting them any time soon.

Mr Prism is fun, psychedelic and infectious- it feels perfect for summer barbecues in the sun.

© What Reality? Records, Marathon Artists, 2020.

The Weekend Run Club, Rhode Island

I’d never heard of the Chicago based band but I think Rhode Island was a perfect introduction.

The song is full of energy, soft vocals and it feels ideal for unwinding of a weekend.

© The Weekend Run Club, 2020.

AJR, Bummerland

The pop trio are not new to me – considering Sober Up soundtracked a summer or two for me – but this song is.

The song is fun, catchy and full of energy. It feels made for the coronavirus pandemic, and 2020, that’s for sure! Things have been pretty shocking but as they say (surely) things have to go up from here.

© AJR Productions LLC, Black Butter Limited, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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