Music Mondays #13

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…it’s another Music Mondays post. As always with Mondays, which are arguably the worst day of the week (although Thursday is a close second!), I’ll be sharing 5 of my latest listens – either single tracks or whole albums – in the hope that it might get you listening to something (or someone) new.

Last week, it was a mix of old and new. This week, all of the artists featured are new (to me).

Tennis, Need Your Love

I’d never heard of Tennis, the American pop duo, until I saw this song on my brother’s playlist.

Need Your Love made me feel like the lead role in an American movie, with the thumping piano and guitar music coupled with the gorgeous vocals. It’s a love song that even cynics like me can get behind!

© Mutually Detrimental, 2020.

U.S. Girls, 4 American Dollars

I’d never heard of the Toronto based girl group until this song swooped into a Spotify playlist of mine a while back.

4 American Dollars has a nostalgic, funky feel to it and it really had me pining for the holiday I had in Florida last year.

© 4AD LTD, 2020.

Lauran Hibberd, Sugardaddy

I’d never heard of indie-folk singer Lauran Hibberd before but I think this song is a good introduction.

The 2019 single is fun, catchy and it did – admittedly – make me laugh quite a bit. It feels like something Kate Nash might have released back in the day.

© Lauran Hibbard, 2019.

Widowspeak, The Good Ones

The New-York duo were new to me – until now, of course.

The Good Ones couples melodic guitar and drumming alongside the soft, warm vocals. It feels perfect for those days I think we’re all having this year – where all we want to do is stay in bed!

© Captured Tracks, 2020.

Katie Von Schleicher, Wheel

I’d never heard of Brooklyn based Katie Von Schleicher but I think this song – a track off her latest album – was a great start.

The song is bright and bluesy, moody and melancholy, and I find Von Schleicher’s voice incredibly captivating.

© Full Time Hobby, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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