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The Great British Bake Off Best Bits

The 2020 series came to an end a few weeks back, but that – and tonight’s “Best Bits” show – had me thinking about what I consider the best bits (there might be some overlap with the show!). So, let’s get to it, here are some of my highlights from the ten years of The Great British Bake Off (in no particular order).

Every single one of the celebrity bust Showstopper Challenge cakes (Series 10)

I thought I’d start of with a moment from the recent series, considering the fact that it’s very fresh in my mind, and this one definitely takes the biscuit (ha!) for a Bake Off moment I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

For anyone who needs reminding, in the first week of the 2020 competition, the bakers were tasked with creating a show stopping three-dimensional cake bust of their celebrity heroes. It was safe to say – for the most part – it was more a case of zero than hero, making for plenty of laughs in and outside of the famous tent.

My favourite of the “show stopping” cake busts | Image credit © Channel 4

The best response to a Hollywood Handshake (Series 9)

There weren’t many of the coveted Hollywood handshakes this series but that got me thinking about a great moment from last year’s series.

Durham student Henry Bird received a handshake from judge Paul Hollywood for his chocolate roll Signature bake and – instead of being calm and composed (I wouldn’t be either) – he responded by saying “No, no, shut up” which definitely made me laugh (and still makes me laugh thinking about it now).

The iconic moment | Image credit © Channel 4

Prue’s Twitter Travesty (Series 8)

Series 8 boasted several memorable contestants, including Yan Tsou and Liam Charles, but the thing – I think – I’ll remember this particular series for was when judge Prue Leith leaked the winner – twelve hours before the final episode debuted.

It was a funny moment then but the fact that people are still talking about it now shows you just how much memorable Bake Off moments stay with you.

A tweet from this year’s competition | © British Bake Off’s Twitter account, 2020.

The most chilled contestant in the tent (Series 7)

As much as The Great British Bake Off is all about the bakes, I think it’s important that the contestants are entertaining to watch as well. Not only was series 7 contestant Selasi Gbormittah entertaining to watch, I think he goes down in history as the most chilled contestant in Bake Off’s history.

He baked on the floor, was incredibly nonchalant when things went wrong and greeted every challenge with an optimism I wouldn’t think was possible in that environment!

The King of Chill himself | © BBC, Love Productions

Nadiya’s facial expressions (Series 6)

Nadiya Hussain from Series 6 is one of my favourite winners – and perhaps contestants- on the show. Her winner’s speech was very emotional, her bakes were outstanding and she was also one of the loveliest humans ever.

Another thing I’ll never forget about is her facial expressions during the whole competition.

Just a selection of some of Nadiya’s great facial expressions | drawn by an_j_ime on Twitter

Bin-Gate (Series 5)

As well as several memorable contestants- including Luis Troyano, who will be sadly missed – Series 5 of The Great British Bake Off featured a moment which I think will go down in Bake Off – and possibly even TV – history: Bin-Gate.

For anyone who doesn’t know about this moment, let me explain. In Dessert Week of the competition, the bakers were tasked with making a baked Alaska…on the hottest day of the year. One baker, Iain Watters, saw his creation melt before his eyes and – instead of salvaging it – he launched it in the bin. To this day this situation has me laughing and cringing in equal measure!

Watch that moment here

Custard-Gate (Series 4)

As well as featuring several great contestants, including Ruby Tandoh – who was incredible in and out of the tent – Series 4 will go down in history for another “gate”: Custard Gate.

In case you missed it, this occurred in a challenge when the bakers were asked to make trifle. Howard Middleton had his custard “stolen” mid-challenge, only to find fellow contestant Deborah Manger had used it by accident.

Watch that moment here

The salt-sugar mix up (Series 3)

Eventual winner of the series John Whaite very nearly saw himself out of the tent at the first hurdle for an ingredient based hiccup.

When making rum babas, John accidentally put salt in his bakes instead of sugar – only realising at the last moment!

A tweet from the first week of Series 3| © British Bake Off’s Twitter account

That squirrel and its…nuts (Series 2)

Though plenty happened in the tent itself, it was something was captured outside of the tent that had viewers gasping from their sofas.

Usually, the earlier series of The Great British Bake Off are known for their gorgeous shots of the tent, and the nature outside of it, but this particular series had the show stolen by a squirrel with rather large nuts – let’s just say!

The squirrel in question | © Love Productions

Crowning the first winner (Series 1)

My favourite moment of the first series was when Edd Kimber, after several weeks of demanding challenges, was crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off.

I think this will always be an important moment because it cemented my love for the show and kept me – and plenty of others – watching as the years went by.

You can see what he’s been up to since HERE.

What are your favourite moments of The Great British Bake Off? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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