Music Mondays #14

How quick did another week go, and another Monday, roll around? As always, I’ll be sharing 5 of my latest listens – they can be single tracks or whole albums – in the hope that I might just inspire you to listen to something (or someone) new.

Last week, there were a lot of new releases (or at least releases that were new to me!) and there’s a similar feel to the 5 songs I’ve chosen this week.

Katy J Pearson, Fix Me Up

Katy J Pearson was a recent find for me and the single (from her first album, Return) Fix Me Up was a great introduction.

Pearson’s sound is similar to Jade Bird and Zuzu, two female artists I love. Fix Me Up has a country feel to it, with an irresistible pop hook and a voice that is captivating. I think it speaks to a generation of people who’re figuring out things on their own.

© Heavenly Recordings, PIAS, 2020.

Mitski, Nobody

I’d never heard of Mitski but I loved the catchy, indie rock sound of this track – from her 2018 album Be The Cowboy.

I like the moody, pop sound to this song. Though it is essentially about isolation and loneliness, it’s a fun track I’ve played on repeat throughout 2020.

© Dead Oceans, 2018.

Blossoms, Under the Sun

Stockport based Blossoms have slowly become one of my favourite bands – with songs that sound just as good in packed venues as they do at my desk working from home.

Foolish Loving Spaces – the album they released in January this year (though it feels like a life time ago – has had an upgrade, as it features several new, previously unreleased tracks (including Under the Sun). This song is catchy, a combination of the soft drawl of their frontman Tom Ogden and the irresistible indie hooks crowds everywhere know and love the band for.

© EMI; Universal Music Operations Limited, 2020.

The Orielles, Sunflower Seeds

The Orielles aren’t new to me but this song, released in 2017, is.

Sunflower Seeds is a moody, indie rock tune with psychedelia laced through it – showing that they are a band who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries where music is concerned.

© Heavenly Records, PIAS. 2017

Becca Mancari, Hunter

I’d never heard of Becca Mancari, the Nashville based singer-songwriter, prior to including her in one of my Music Mondays posts but this song, taken from her 2020 album Greatest Part, is a great introduction.

The track is a mix of catchy guitar riffs, intensifying drums and teasing, bluesy vocals.

© Captured Tracks, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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