Music Mondays #15

I have no idea how we got to Christmas week and, if you think about it, the final days of what has been a disastrous year. One thing I do know is that, as usual, I’ll be sharing 5 of my latest listens.

Last week, I showed off some new releases (or, well, new to me!). This week, there’s a mix of old and new.

Alfie Templeman, Forever Isn’t Long Enough

I discovered Alfie Templeman this year, after he appeared on one of my Daily Mix playlists, and I loved the fun, indie feel to his songs.

His latest song, Forever Isn’t Long Enough, is a groove filled indie banger. It’s a song I can imagine dancing to in big crowds, once we’re allowed to anyway!

© Chess Club, AWAL Recordings, 2020.

Miley Cyrus (featuring Dua Lipa), Prisoner

Miley Cyrus was one of the many people who soundtracked my childhood to teenage years so it’s kind of ironic she’s ended up on a playlist I created as an adult, but I guess it means she’s just that good.

I think this fun, energetic track shows just how far the southern starlet has come in her career- plus you can’t really argue with a Dua Lipa collaboration, can you?

© RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment, 2020.

Billy Nomates, Supermarket Sweep

I’d never heard of Billy Nomates until I added this track – one of the singles on her self titled album – to my playlist.

Her vocal style is rare and refreshing, and it has definitely made me interested to hear more of her songs.

© Invade Records U.K., 2020.

Spacey Jane, Good for You

I’d never heard of the Perth based band until recently but Good for You was the perfect introduction to their quirky, indie sound.

The track is filled with off-kilter guitar riffs and infectious melodies, perfect for the summer season…which is a while off yet! 😔.

© AWAL Recordings Ltd, 2020.

Junodreams, Nobody Wants You

I’d not heard of Junodream until I listened to this track but, after I heard this one, I’m interested to see what else they have up their musical sleeve.

The song is related to struggles we all deal with from time to time, such as anxiety and self doubt, but the 90’s alt rock vibes from the song are infectious and easy listening.

© Junodream, 2019.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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