My Reading Goals for 2021

Just like that, another year has come around. Whilst I didn’t spend New Year’s Eve getting drunk with friends, I did spend the time thinking about my goals for 2021 (you can see what my goals for the year are here).

I already mentioned in that post that I intend to read more books this year but I thought I’d break down some more specific reading goals for the year in this post. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Read 50 books

Last year – which feels weird to say – I read 53 books (an achievement I can only assume was down to being locked down for a good portion of 2020). I plan to read 50 books again this year though I wouldn’t mind reading more than that, but we’ll see!

Write more reviews

I wrote a lot of book reviews in 2020, for NetGalley, as part of blog tours, or just to share my thoughts on books on my shelf and – though reviews take time and they do give me a feeling of “my reviews aren’t as good as “insert blogger name here”” at times – I hope to write more reviews and share more of my thoughts.

Try to stay at 70/80% on NetGalley

Though I do feel extremely lucky to have got to whatever rating I’m at on NetGalley, and I’m incredibly thankful for every opportunity and every ARC I’ve received, I hope to stay at 70/80% so I can be in with more of a chance of reading more incredible releases in 2021.

Keep a reading journal/tracker

I bought a bullet journal a few days prior to January 1st, after debating it for ages, and I hope to use it (in part) to keep track of the books I read this year – my thoughts, my ratings and anything else that comes to mind.

Read more books on my Kindle

Due to working from home, participating in blog tours and whatever else, I didn’t really take the time to sit down and read on my Kindle. I’ve bought a lot of books on my Kindle in recent years and – before I buy any more books – I plan to make a dent in the books I already have.

📚 📚

What are your reading goals for 2021? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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