Music Mondays #16

It’s the first full week of 2021 and, whilst it feels new and different, some things remain the same. I’m still reading books (you can read my 2020 reading roundup – I’ll be posting actual reviews soon, so keep an eye out for that), still working from home and still keeping up with Music Mondays.

For anyone who is new to the blog, or if you need a refresher, let me explain Music Mondays. In this series of posts, I’ll share 5 of my latest listens – either tracks or full albums. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Flyte, Victoria Falls

I discovered the London based band Flyte a while back, after they sung a cover of one of my favourite Alvvays songs, and I think – for anyone who hasn’t heard them yet – this is a great introduction to their catchy, indie sound.

Victoria Falls couples soft, floaty vocals with gripping drums and guitar. It’s the kind of song I’d love to sway along to in a crowded concert venue.

© Flyte, Universal Music Operations Limited, 2017

Jealous of the Birds, Something Holy

The Northern-Ireland based singer songwriter Jealous of the Birds was a new find for me last year and I think this song is a great introduction to her sound.

Not only does she combine melodic vocals and a hook that grabs your attention straight away, but there is a poetic quality to her music as well.

© Atlantic Recording Corporation, 2020.

Abbie Ozard, Heartbreak Radio

Manchester based Abbie Ozard wasn’t on my radar until I saw one of her songs on a playlist by Red Rum Club, a band who have previously featured on this series of posts, and now her songs haven’t found their way off my playlist or out of my head since.

Heartbreak Radio is somehow happy and angsty at the same time, appealing to the teenage version of me shutting herself up in her room and the adult version years later getting annoyed over endless “how are u?” exchanges, with moody vocals and uptempo music.

© Modern Sky U.K., 2019

Strabe, Best Worst Year

I found this song, and this artist, last year (how apt) and – as well as symbolising 2020 (though the emphasis for that year is definitely on the worst!) – it was such a good find.

I don’t usually tend to listen to dance/electronic music – as avid followers of the blog and playlist will know – but this was definitely a good introduction to the genre. Even when you’re at your worst, there’s something about this song that’ll make you want to dance – I swear.

© 1105402 Records DK, 2019

We Are Scientists, I Cut My Own Hair

At the end of a crazy year, and the beginning of what looks as though it might be just as mad, American rock band We Are Scientists are just what I needed.

Though the title became increasingly true during lockdown, the song (thankfully) is more fun, high energy and I would happily show it off to anyone – unlike a dodgy home haircut.

© 100% Records, 2020

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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