Music Mondays #17

Here we are, the second week of January 2021, and what a whirlwind the month has been so far. At the moment, I’ve only read one book (my review of this book will be on the blog soon, as well as another one I will hopefully finish this week 😂), the U.K. has been plunged back into lockdown, and one of the only things I’m certain of is I cannot get out of bed.

Though everything’s changing by the day, one thing that won’t change is Music Monday. If you’re new to the blog, or in need of a refresher, Music Monday is the time where I share 5 songs I’ve been listening to each week (turns out music has been a Godsend in 2020 and looks as though it’ll be the same in 2021). As always, I hope this’ll inspire you to give a new song – or maybe a new artist – a listen because, let’s face it, the arts need our support more than ever.

Phoebe Green, Reinvent

I’d not heard of the Manchester based singer-songwriter until I spotted her in an issue of Dork (a great music magazine, if you’re looking for something to read during everlasting lockdown) and – let me tell you – I’m glad to have found a new artist (and song) to listen to.

Reinvent is an indie-pop song with an irresistible beat and lyrics which speak to a generation of social media scrollers and anyone who feels like they’re having a bit of an identity crisis thanks to a certain global pandemic.

© Chess Club, AWAL, 2020.

Ball Park Music, Day & Age

Again, the Australian band were a new find for me. Though I’ve only listened to one song, I loved their sound.

Day & Age is incredibly easy to listen to, with soft harmonies and melodic drums and guitar weaves throughout – the perfect song for unwinding from what, I already feel, will be a chaotic year.

© Prawn Records, 2020.

Car Seat Headrest, Martin

The Seattle based band are not new to me but this – one of the tracks off their latest album – is new to me.

The song is a union of drums, acoustic guitar and the drawl of the frontman Will Toledo – a perfect track to escape the madness of the (not very roaring) 2020s.

© Matador, 2020.

Real Estate (ft. Sylvan Esso), Paper Cup (Edit)

I’d never heard of New Jersey based indie rockers Real Estate until I stumbled upon this song but I’m glad I found this song – and this band – in the end.

As well as having fun visuals (if you’re on Spotify you should be able to see it), the song is breezy, relaxed and laidback indie at its finest.

© Domino Recording Co LTD, 2020.

Baby Queen, Want Me

Like most of this week’s picks, I hadn’t heard of Baby Queen before but Want Me was a great introduction.

The song is synth-filled, full of moody vocals, but incredibly fun and perfect for an emergency dance party (trust me, even if you’re terrible, dancing to music is a great stress reliever).

© Universal Music Operations Limited, 2020

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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