Music Mondays #19

I don’t know how we got to this point but this is my final Music Mondays post in January. This month has been a crazy one and I think, in crazy times, something as simple as putting on a good song – or an album – can make things feel better.

For anyone reading this for the first time, let me explain what this post is all about. Every Monday, I share 5 songs I’ve listened to and loved recently (can be individual singles or sometimes albums), in the hope that I might inspire someone to give a new song, band or artist a go.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Easy Life, peanut butter

The Leicester based indie/R&B group aren’t new to me but they are different to what I usually listen to – as they blur the lines between indie (a genre I listen to frequently) and hip-hop (a genre I don’t listen to very much at all).

peanut butter pairs mellow, dreamlike vocals with catchy instrumentals – plus of course I’d love a song about my favourite toast topping 😂.

© Island Records, Universal Music Operations Limited, 2020.

Maggie Rogers, Celadon & Gold

The Maryland born singer-songwriter and record producer isn’t new to me but this song – taken from her latest album, a collection of recordings from 2011-2016 – is.

Unlike the high energy songs I’m used to, this one feels more laidback, allowing you to take in Rogers’ voice, and it is ideal for the chilled, nothing days we find ourselves in.

© Derbay Sounds LLC, 2020.

Ed The Dog, Post Post World

I’d never heard of this band but I think this song was a great introduction to their sound.

Post Post World combines chilled guitar with vocals that sound reminiscent to The Wombats. It’s fun and self-deprecating, a combination I – for one – can get behind.

© ALLONEWORD, Interstellar Music Ltd, 2020.

Flyte, Sometimes

I found this band a while back – and have included them in this series of posts before – but I just really wanted to include this song on the playlist at some point.

It’s slow, easy-listening, it feels like a bluesy break-up track that even the perpetually single (a.k.a me) can enjoy!

© Island Records, Universal Music Operations, 2019.

Surfer Blood, Karen

I’ve never heard of the Florida based band but I figured this song – from their most recent album, Carefree Theatre – was a fair place to start.

The song is upbeat, a mesh of catchy hooks and an easy melody to sing along to, it’s perfect to beat the blues that endless lockdown brings.

© Surfer Blood, Kanine Records, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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