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I’m unsure if this tag exists – if it does feel free to link the original tag as a comment and I’ll credit the creator – but (aside from reviews and other posts I have planned for the year) I wanted to post something a little bit different.

In this post, I’m going to answer some questions on my so-called “reading journey” and I’ll tag some people to give it a go (if they’d like to). Let’s get into it, shall we?


* Credit the creator of the tag

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* Have fun!

1. Have you always been a fan of reading?

The short answer is no, strangely enough! Though I loved hearing my parents and family read us stories, I was never a massive reader as a child. I remember what an absolute chore filling out the reading diaries we were given in primary school felt like (even writing this now brings the memories flooding back!) and the thought of reading whole series freaked me out – I was (and still am) the only member of my family who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books.

2. What book(s) did you love when you were younger?

I absolutely loved Roald Dahl when I was younger. I think my favourite of his books has to be Matilda, although I’ll always have fond memories of my Mum and Dad reading Esiotrot to my sister and I when we were younger. As I got older, I gravitated towards “girlier” books – I loved The Megastar Mysteries series, anything by Meg Cabot and I really liked books with bright covers (still do!).

3. Was there a particular person that got you into reading?

As I said, my parents always read to my brother, sister and I when we were growing up so I suppose they’ll take some credit! I think I truly got invested in books and reading when I studied English Lit at school – then later at uni. I think hearing my teachers and lecturers talk about something with passion, and then realising I shared the same passion, changed my outlook. Reading wasn’t a chore anymore – though some texts were a pain to read – and I loved finding out more about the author, the context and the words on the pages.

4. What book(s) did you love when you were a teenager?

The love of bright, or just generally eye catching, covers still stood in my teen years. I gravitated towards YA books, picking up anything by John Green (whose books, on reflection, I didn’t really like that much!) and any author magazines said were similar. One book that sticks out for me when I think of my teenage years is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It was extremely heartbreaking but beautiful read – I cried when I watched the movie not long ago!

5. Are there any popular author(s)/books you didn’t read as a child/teenager?

So many! As I mentioned, I wasn’t a massive reader, so I definitely missed out on some popular books and authors at that time. Aside from The Illustrated Mum – which I vaguely remember reading in school – I’m one of the only people I know who hasn’t read every Jacqueline Wilson book in existence! I also haven’t read the Harry Potter books or The Lord of The Rings – though sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t!

6. Where’s your favourite place to read?

I will read anywhere, honestly! My favourite place, though, is tucked up in a blanket on the couch (with or without snacks – though with snacks more likely!). I also think you can’t beat reading on holiday. I love sitting in the sun, or lounging on a sunbed, getting lost in my latest read.

7. Who did you go to for reading recommendations when you were younger?

I can’t believe there was a time where Bookstagram, Goodreads and other sites didn’t exist! I tend to get my recommendations from there now but, before this, I used to rely on my friends and family for reading recommendations. My friend, Megan (who remains one of my best mates – and book recommenders – to this day), and I used to recommend books to each other all the time but they had to be extremely depressing and – more than likely – a manic-pixie-dream-girl kind of narrative. To this day I have no idea why we’d choose such books but honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

8. Do you think your taste in books has changed from when you were younger? How?

Yes and no! I’ll push myself to read everything and anything now – you only need to look at my NetGalley shelf and requests to figure that out! Where I wouldn’t choose to when I was younger, I can handle reading book series now – unless they’re dead long or I lose interest 😂. I think I still like light, fluffy reads like when I was younger (and the more depressing stuff too!) but I’m just reading books I think sound good now – no matter what the genre.

9. What book(s) would you recommend from your childhood and/or teenage years?

I’d definitely recommend anything by Roald Dahl. Although I think his work is probably a bit dated now, I associate his books with good memories and I actually think they’re good stories, too. I’d recommend Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca as well. I read this at school and absolutely loved the Gothic, haunting vibes. Though it reminds me of exams, which were horrible, it also reminds me of great – if stressful- times with the people who became my closest friends.

10. What book(s) do you recommend now?

If you come to me for recommendations now, they’ll more than likely be fun, easy-reads. A recent favourite- which will be published in April – is Lizzy Dent’s The Summer Job. I also frequently rave about Dolly Alderton’s most recent book, Ghosts, and her debut memoir Everything I Know About Love (which is my favourite book).

📚 📚

So that’s my Reading Journey (so far). I was surprised by how much thought I had to put into the answers, and how much I’ve changed as a reader! Anyone is free to give this challenge a go, of course, but I’m going to tag Stephen, Hannah, Lucy, Melanie & Lucy.

📚 📚

I’d love to chat about your old favourite books, your new favourite books or how you would answer these questions.

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13 thoughts on “My Reading Journey Tag

  1. Lovely tag, Jen! I really enjoyed your answers and can definitely relate on Roald Dahl – Matilda is my favourite of his books as well. And I’m actually reading Rebecca right now! I love the atmosphere it has 😊

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  2. I always enjoyed reading. When I was younger, I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (my favorite (Road Dahl book) and The BFG, Frog and Toad, Magic Treehouse, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia. If you can count middle school- I can add in Percy Jackson.

    The vast majority of required books in high school and college were books I didn’t like. Only a select few I loved- And Then There Was None, The Iliad, and the Odyssey- I eventually read the entire Iliad and Odyssey. In high school, I was more close-minded towards books- I was telling myself I will never a tragedy, which would soon be disproven.

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