Music Mondays #21

So we’ve made it to another week in the second month of 2021. Things are changing every day but one thing that stays consistent is Music Mondays. As always, I’ll be sharing 5 songs I’ve been listening to (and loving).

spill tab, Name

I’d never heard of the Los-Angeles based artist before but I think this song – from her EP Oatmilk – is a good introduction.

The track couples bass with gentle vocals, synths and thumping drums. It’s a fun, vibrant song that will definitely blow the lockdown cobwebs away (particularly if, like me, you restarted drinking after Dry January!).

© Spill Tab, Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment, 2021

Holly Humberstone, Vanilla

Again, the Grantham-based singer was new to me. This song – from her brilliant 2020 EP Falling Asleep at The Wheel – was a great introduction.

The song is a lively one, placing itself somewhere between warm acoustic music and something more electronic. Though this is the week before Valentines Day, and I’m as single as the final Chocolate Finger in the pack, I’d definitely choose this as one of the songs on my breakup playlist (I 100% believe I’ll be the kind of person who has one).

© Holly Humberstone, 2020.

Sorcha Richardson, The Starlight Lounge

The Irish folk singer-songwriter was another new find for me. This song – her latest single – was a great introduction.

The song has a disco-feel to it, paired with soft, captivating vocals. It’s the kind of song that’d have me up on the dance floor (if it was allowed!).

© Faction Records Ltd, 2020.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Temple

As seems to be the trend with these posts – especially this week – I’d not heard of this group before now. This song – the title track of their 2020 album – was a good introduction.

The song is bold, has a rock feel to it with a beat that lingers long after you’ve finished listening.

© Ribbon Music LLC, 2020.

Red Rum Club, Hung Up

The Liverpool band are the only ones featured on this week’s list I’d heard of before. I’ve already talked about them before on previous posts, including how their latest album was one of my favourites of 2020, but I’m throwing it back to their first album, Matador, for this one.

The song is a mash of guitar, drums and trumpets, coupled with Scouse-tinged indie vocals. It speaks to everyone who’s ever experienced unrequited love (perfect for Valentines, right?).

© Modern Sky U.K., 2019.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 💬.

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