Music Mondays #25

It’s another Monday 🎉 and the second Monday of a new month. I have no idea what this month holds but one thing I do know is it will be full of book reviews, blog tours and of course Music Mondays.

As usual, I’ll be sharing 5 songs I’ve been listening to (and loving) at the moment. This week, though, there’s a twist! As it’s International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share some wonderful tunes by women. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Softcult, Another Bish

The duo – like a lot of my Music Mondays picks – were new to me.

Their music is a mix of soft vocals and grunge-rock instrumentals, the kind of music I imagine probably would’ve been on the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack had it been released in 2021.

© Easy Life Records, 2021

Low Girl, Big Now

I’d never heard of the U.K. based singer but this song – one of the two tracks available on Spotify – was a perfect introduction.

The song is full of fun, extremely catchy baselines and you really find yourself paying attention to the lyrics.

© Sarah Cosgrove, 2021.

pinkpirate, Trapped

Again, I’d never heard of the U.K. based singer but this was a great introduction to her sound.

Although I do love a big indie anthem, this song definitely appealed to the side of me that loves slower, softer sounds. It’s perfect for these (slightly) warmer nights.

© pinkpiratepatch, 2020.

Eloise, Subside

As seems to be the theme of this (and most of my Music Mondays) post, I’d never heard of the north London based singer.

The song is very relaxed and easy to listen to, perfect for moments when you want to take a moment to slow down.

© Harbour Artists & Music, 2019

Biig Piig, Sunny

Unlike most of the artists this week, I’ve heard of the Spanish-Irish singer (and included her in a previous post).

The song is very relaxing and conjures up memories of sunnier days and summer which we can hopefully enjoy again.

© Sony Music Entertainment Limited, 2019.

What have you been listening to recently? I’d love to chat with you all about your recent listens and recommendations.

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