Music Mondays #27

Well, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I completely forgot to post due to general forgetfulness and the excitement of #gifted carbonara (you can see the pictures on my Food blog Instagram jenroseeats) but I’m back with 5 music recommendations. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Knocks (featuring Foster the People), All About You

Whilst Foster the People are very familiar to me, as I was obsessed with Torches way back when, I’d never heard of The Knocks, the electronic music duo from New York but this track – one of many – is brilliant.

Things are a bit sunnier around here (though I don’t know how long for) and I think this song is perfect for the brighter days ahead.

© Big Beat Records, 2020

Dehd, Loner

The Chicago band are new to me but this song was a good introduction to the band and their sound.

The song is loud and moody, the perfect addition to anyone’s spring-to-summer playlist.

© Fire Talk, 2020.

Nilüfer Yanya, Crash

I’ve heard of Nilüfer Yanya but – for anyone who hasn’t – her 2020 single is a great introduction.

The song is soulful guitar based indie pop, which is perfect for the sunshine.

© ATO Records, [Pias], 2020.

Sjowgren, I Don’t Know

I’d never heard of the San Francisco based indie pop trio but this song was a good introduction.

The song is simple, laidback with a catchy riff.

© Long Time Friend Discount, 2020.

Joywave, Half Your Age

Despite coming on the music scene in 2010, I’d actually never heard of Joywave.

Saying that, the song is easy going indie-pop at its best – this is the kind of song I’d imagine would go down brilliantly in the packed venues I’m missing.

© Cultco Music/Hollywood Records, Inc, 2020.

What have you been listening to recently? I’d love to chat and share recommendations!

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