Monthly Wrap-Up: March

So we’ve made it through another month 🎉! As always, the (almost) end of one month means another wrap-up post (you can read my previous posts here and here).

March wasn’t a month filled with days out with friends, silly amounts of drinks or whatever I’d grown used to pre-Covid but it was an interesting month of finding a new house, working from my current home and enjoying a free Italian meal (thanks to a restaurant I talked about here). Let’s get into what I watched, read and listened to, shall we?

Let’s start with TV shows. The first show I watched this month was Behind Her Eyes. It took a while to get started, and then took me a while to get my head around, but it was an interesting- if quite weird – watch.

Next up, I watched Married at First Sight Australia. It’s trashy and dramatic but there’s no denying it’s a brilliant show, the perfect antidote for the endless days stuck inside…watching telly.

I’ve also raced through Schitt’s Creek this month, I’m currently on Season 5 and will probably finish the show next month. It was a bit of a slow burn for me (probably because I’ve seen the best bits on plenty of people’s social media) but I’m glad to say I’m finally into it – so much so I actually don’t want it to end 😂.

I also watched Your Honor this month. It’s safe to say Brian Cranston has come a long way from his days playing Malcolm’s bubbling Dad in Malcolm in the Middle, though he does play a Dad trying to get his son out of a rather sticky situation so there might be some similarities there. It’s dramatic, interesting, though a little long winded – and the ending was pretty…interesting.

Following this, I binge-watched Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix. If you’ve seen Sugar Rush, you’ll recognise the Australian patisserie chef. In this show, a group of amateur bakers/sweet makers/confectionery makers (no idea what to call them considering they make just about anything on the show 😂) compete to win the show which sees them create, and recreate, marvellous dessert creations from Zumbo’s mind. You’ll be hungry all the way through, so watch with snacks!

Lastly, I watched the first series of Misfits. I missed the boat on this one originally so I was made up when Netflix picked the British teen hero-comedy-drama. Though some bits are cringey it’s actually a lot better than I anticipated.

Now, let’s talk films 🎥 🍿. The first movie I watched this month was To All The Boys: Always and Forever. I loved this series of books when I read them what feels like a lifetime ago and, though there were a few inconsistencies with plot, I can say the same about the movies. They’re just very easy to watch, pretty wholesome and of course staring at Noah Centineo’s face doesn’t hurt.

The next movie I watched was Moxie. I haven’t read the book, so I couldn’t go off book to film comparisons, but I did enjoy this one. You only have to look at 99.999% of my undergraduate essays to know that I’m a feminist so I loved this tale of feminism amongst the younger generations as very important, very relevant topics were discussed in a way that’s extremely accessible.

Following this, I watched Pixie. It was a fun, crime-caper set in Ireland with plenty of laughs, lovely scenery and gorgeous accents.

Next, I watched Good Time. It’s not necessarily a film I would’ve chosen, however there’s no denying it is an interesting watch, superbly acted and directed – with characters you root for despite their flaws.

Following this, I watched Greenland. Again, it’s not exactly the first film I’d choose but it was a captivating watch, even if impending doom feels a bit close to home 😂.

For a bit of nostalgia, I watched Aquamarine. It’s definitely not the best film ever but it’s a bit of fun, nostalgia and who doesn’t love a movie with mermaids in?

Lastly, I watched The Breaker Upperers. This was a completely random pick but what a gem it was. It was original, funny and a very easy watch.

March was a good reading month as I read 9 books in total – 1 audiobook and 8 either NetGalley arcs or blog tour books.

The first book I read this month was The Split by Laura Kay (I also posted a Q&A here). This one was on My Most Anticipated Books for January – June and I can thankfully say it lived up to – no exceeded – my expectations. It’s heartfelt, funny and an absolute joy to read.

The second book I read this month was an audiobook of The Quantum Weirdness of the AlmostKiss by Amy Noelle Parks. I’ve really got into audiobooks after not giving them much of a chance, as they do a great job of killing time when I’m working from home. This one was a light, easy read which depicted a friends-to-lovers story.

The third book I read this month was Nothing Man by R J Gould. I really enjoyed this one, it was a light, easy read with plenty of humour.

The fourth book I read this month was Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane. I’ll save my full thoughts on this one for my post tomorrow.

The fifth book I read this month was Another Life by Jodie Chapman. I’ll save my full thoughts on this one for my post tomorrow.

The sixth book I read this month was A Family Reunion by Patricia Scanlan. This was a good read, full of feisty, lovable female characters.

The seventh book I read this month was At First Sight by Hannah Sunderland. I’ll save my full thoughts on this one for my post tomorrow.

The eighth book I read this month was Half the World Away by Rebecca Banks. I’ll save my full thoughts on this one for my post early next month.

The final book I read this month was What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson. I’ll save my full thoughts on this one for my post early next month.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll know I post about music a fair bit. As usual, I posted my Music Mondays posts from the first Monday of the month (though I did forget to post a few 😂).

As well as those tracks, my favourite releases this month were Discover Effortless Living by Bull, 4Runner by Rostam and Today We’re The Greatest by Middle Kids.

🗓 🗓

So that’s it, my monthly wrap-up for March. I’d love to chat about what you read, watched and listened to this month.

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