Music Mondays #28

As the long weekend for most of us in the U.K. draws to a close, I thought I’d ease you in to the week ahead by sharing 5 songs I’ve been listening to recently.

lovelytheband (featuring MisterWives), buzz cut

I’d never heard of the California based band until this song came up on one of my Daily Mix playlists but I think this song is a great introduction to their sound, as it’s their latest release.

The song is full of energy, is easy to listen to and feels made for the long, sunny weekends I hope are ahead.

© The Century Family, Inc. 2021

Cate le Bon, Daylight Matters

As seems to be the theme with these posts, I’d never heard of the Welsh singer-songwriter until this song popped up on a playlist one day.

The song is full of soaring vocals and feels almost like a Kate Bush track, a bit haunting but enthralling.

© Kemado Records, Inc., d/b/a Mexican Summer, 2019.

The New Pornographers, Falling Down The Stairs of Your Smile

The Vancouver indie super group, much like most of my picks for these posts, were unknown to me.

The song is energetic, full of fun and a blend of several vocals, music styles and instruments- the kind of song people play at parties that need some energy injecting in them.

© New P’s LLC, Concord Records, Concord Music Group Limited, 2019.

Hazel English, Off My Mind

The California based singer isn’t new to me, as I’ve added several of her songs to playlists before.

The song is a dreamy blend of soft vocals and jangling beach pop melodies, reminding me of the days I relied heavily on 8Tracks and daydreaming about fictional characters (no change on that front 😂).

© Marathon Artists, 2020.

Chappaqua Wrestling, Plant Trees

The band, who formed in Manchester, were new to me until I came across this song a while ago.

The song combines Spanish sounding guitar with soft vocals, conjuring up comparisons with Mystery Jets and other indie bands I loved in the early 2000s.

© Chappaqua Wrestling, 2018.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations 😊.

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