Blog Tour: Half the World Away by Rebecca Banks

Ready for a love story set across the pond in 2021? I might have just the thing…

Half the World Away by Rebecca Banks

Genre: Romance/Chick Lit

Publisher: Literally PR

Date Published: 1st April 2021

Print length: 320 pages

Trigger warnings: Discussions around pregnancy, termination/abortion


Divorced and keeping a heart-breaking secret, Abbie Potter is sleep-walking through her life as a publicist at a London football club. She seems to spend more time covering their scandals than celebrating, and has had enough. Though she’s already prepared for a fresh start, some shocking news pushes her to take an opportunity even further from home – in Salt Lake City.

The first morning of her new life, Abbie bumps into Kyle Miller. He’s persistent, and Abbie’s more than intrigued by him. Everything else seems to fit into place too: she has a fulfilling job, is on a journey of self re-discovery, and has revived her love of music thanks to a new-found friendship.

She can’t risk losing what she’s built for herself, but how can she stop it from slipping through her fingers without shattering the facade she hides behind?

My Thoughts

After reading several books with heavy, quite demanding content in them, I was more than happy to take on the much lighter read that was Rebecca Banks’ debut novel, Half the World Away.

The book begins with a woman at her wits end, sick of her job and struggling following news about her ex, who takes a very big chance when she gets offered a job in Utah. I really liked Abbie, it was very refreshing to see a character working hard to get to where she wants to be. Banks has created a character that is pretty lovable, quite relatable and somebody readers will root for – which is impressive for a debut author.

As a music lover, the parts of the book about music and writing about music really appealed to me (not just because, prior to the pandemic, I did a bit of this myself) and Banks really managed to set the scene, reading those parts made me want nothing more than to be in a sweaty concert venue trying not to spill my (overpriced) drink (or have one spilt on me in return).

I was initially worried about reading about sports and having a main character go from one world of sport to another but, thankfully, Banks doesn’t make this world hard for those of us to whom sporting doesn’t come naturally (See: the time my PE teacher decided to make me hit a tennis ball against a wall for an hour whilst the rest of the class played proper tennis) which I was made up about.

I haven’t been to Salt Lake City before but Banks writes it in a way that makes every turn familiar. By the end of the book, it almost felt as if I lived there with Abbie (and I wished I did). With holidays from most places unlikely at the moment, I was glad to take a transatlantic journey without the jetlag through this book.

Ok, so the romance in this one was predictable. I had a feeling this relationship would happen from the get-go, and even from reading the blurb, but it didn’t stop me from falling hook-line-and-sinker for it. There’s nothing I love more than characters getting a second chance at romance (and God knows Abbie deserves it!) and – though I was initially sceptical- I really liked Abbie and Kyle together.

Half the World Away is a light, easy read with plenty of laughs and a dashing of romance – the perfect escape from lockdown life.

A Few “Thank Yous”

As always, I want to end this post by thanking a few people. First off, I want to thank Rachel (of Rachel’s Random Resources) for my spot on the tour. Next, I want to thank the publishers – Literally PR – and the author, Rebecca Banks, for my E-Arc of Half the World Away.

About the Author

Rebecca Banks owns a boutique public relations agency specialising in sports and entertainment, and has 20 years of experience in PR and events.

She is also a freelance journalist. For over a decade she has written features from celebrity interviews and human profile pieces to motoring and travel reviews. Half the World Away is her debut novel.

Check out her website:

Social Media Links –
Instagram: @rebecca_banks
Twitter: @rebeccabanks

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